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06/09/04 - Hanging out with Beany and Dan, and Strawberry gets dressed up.

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id: 5753
Somehow Becky got the camera again
id: 5754
Looking a little low on fuel..
id: 5755
Good spelling there, guys
id: 5756
id: 5757
My phone minus the sky
id: 5758
I stacked up some half and half
id: 5759
My mom at my grandmother's house
id: 5760
Uncle Stephen
id: 5761
Hi Gragra
id: 5762
Dan finds himself under attack from Beany again
id: 5763
Ah, all better now
id: 5764
Feeling better?
id: 5765
Hyatt's keyboard
id: 5766
The back of the Kill Bill soundtrack
id: 5767
Dan in the driving seat
id: 5768
Beany checks out what's going on behind us
id: 5769
Is that really safe, Beany?
id: 5770
Beany spilled on her shirt!
id: 5771
id: 5772
Driving along
id: 5773
This is just too much
id: 5774
Gotta love Red Bull
id: 5775
Directions to ________'s house.. apparently
id: 5776
Strawberry eating
id: 5777
All done?
id: 5778
Who gave him that bow?
id: 5779
Strawberry seems confused
id: 5780
What's over there?
id: 5781
Beany captured him
id: 5782
James gets in on the posing action
id: 5783
Strawberry's got his spiffiest.. and only.. clothes
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