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06/17/04 - Pool at Steph's grandparent's and Beany, Dan, and others show up for The Aquabats concert.

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id: 6108
James at the bottom of some inner tubes
id: 6109
He looks kind of distressed
id: 6110
And away he goes
id: 6111
He's making good progress. Meanwhile, Steph is trying to pretend she doesn't know him
id: 6112
The Tube Hand
id: 6113
James emerges
id: 6114
This is what happens when you pull a ball under water and release it
id: 6115
Away goes the ball!
id: 6116
It's kind of like one of those submarine ballistic missiles
id: 6117
Launching more stuff
id: 6118
Wet James is angry
id: 6119
Steph's pretty happy though
id: 6120
Hyatt and my headset. This went on to become the Skype page logo
id: 6121
Beany with her ears and bow
id: 6122
Dan and some of Beany's friends
id: 6123
You can't hide forever, Dan
id: 6124
I guess you can try though
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