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06/30/04 - A trip to Mount Hood tower to see the Space Station at 3 in the morning.

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id: 6568
I can't tell if this is the moon or a traffic light
id: 6569
Green light
id: 6570
id: 6571
The moon again
id: 6572
The door to Mount Hood Tower
id: 6573
Lights in Boston
id: 6574
The moon again from Mount Hood Tower
id: 6575
The quarry?
id: 6576
id: 6577
id: 6578
More skyline
id: 6579
James lying around on Mount Hood tower
id: 6580
Muffie leaning over the edge
id: 6581
Muffie flies.. kind of
id: 6582
James and Muffie pose in a totally non-awkward fashion
id: 6583
Set your emotions on fire?
id: 6584
Hyatt's keyboard
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