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08/20/04 - I move to Clark University in Worcester.

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id: 8584
I convinced my "grieving" mom to hold my "CLARK MOVING DAY" sign
id: 8585
Dad starts up the truck for the trip
id: 8586
Becky had shotgun, somehow
id: 8587
Becky poses on the highway
id: 8588
We've made it to Clark!
id: 8589
Balloons in front of the UC
id: 8590
Freud's got balloons!
id: 8591
Becky looks sad, but isn't.
id: 8592
Moving in to my freshman room!
id: 8593
All the crap that I brought with me... too much
id: 8594
Aoi's new home
id: 8595
My dad near the closet
id: 8596
I used the box my DDR pad came in to move stuff
id: 8597
Becky sits on my bed
id: 8598
Only two more years till your turn!
id: 8599
The crap I put on my door, including my awesome Haibane sign
id: 8600
Becky sits in Matt's chair.. even though I hadn't actually met Matt yet
id: 8601
Some posters that I put up
id: 8602
Dad and Becky walking on a path near Bullock
id: 8603
The Green
id: 8604
Freshman groups gathered on The Green
id: 8605
A manhole in the Green
id: 8606
My Peer Advisor... I never saw him again after a week
id: 8607
Jonas Clark
id: 8608
I brought a soda with me
id: 8609
id: 8610
More Freshman groups
id: 8611
The library
id: 8612
Wright Hall
id: 8613
Wright Hall including the window for my room
id: 8614
A picture of Bryce! The first picture of one of my friends at Clark
id: 8615
Matt Cleary! My freshman roommate and a cool dude all around.
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