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09/08/04 - Long weekend at Clark! Fire alarm at 5 in the morning!

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id: 8769
Some fun with the desk light and the optical mouse
id: 8770
Aoi sure is purdy at night
id: 8771
My glowy mouse
id: 8772
Someone changed this dude's sign
id: 8773
Mike practices the body prop
id: 8774
Some kids running around campus
id: 8775
The AT-AT part of the library. You know, that thing from Star Wars
id: 8776
A squirrel!
id: 8777
Blurry people standing around
id: 8778
Brett sure looks like he's having fun
id: 8779
Kevin points!
id: 8780
Back when Kevin and Laura were still going out
id: 8781
Waiting to start a game of Starcraft
id: 8782
id: 8783
id: 8784
Mike walks down the stairs
id: 8785
Eating in large groups!
id: 8786
id: 8787
Rosie's got some ice cream
id: 8788
Bryce looks at the camera
id: 8789
John sat in the corner
id: 8790
Rosie's ice cream
id: 8791
Kevin looks around
id: 8792
Rosie seems caught off guard again
id: 8793
Dan and Clark James
id: 8794
walking back from the caf
id: 8795
Nice whiteboard art
id: 8796
AJ on his phone
id: 8797
Sean and Ryan... the dynamic duo
id: 8798
Sean doing something.
id: 8799
"Everybody wants a unicorn, but nobody wants to DIE" by Mike
id: 8800
Mike and Laura at dinner
id: 8801
Nice face, Mike
id: 8802
Standing on the Big Wheel!
id: 8803
I managed to get up on the big wheel
id: 8804
Rolling the wheel over people was fun but gross since it dropped dirt
id: 8805
Starting a game of chess
id: 8806
Fire alarm!
id: 8807
It's so early!
id: 8808
Everyone gathers around outside
id: 8809
Here comes a fire truck
id: 8810
id: 8811
Yep, it parked right outside
id: 8812
A cop car
id: 8813
Kevin looks bemused
id: 8814
Emergency vehicles
id: 8815
The spriklers turned on
id: 8816
Fire alarms are not equal to fun
id: 8817
It's 5:03 in the morning!!
id: 8818
Time to get back to sleep
id: 8819
When Mike does laundry, he includes the pants he's wearing
id: 8820
More whiteboard art
id: 8821
Ryan and Binny
id: 8822
Some art by Ryan
id: 8823
Oh, the question has been answered
id: 8824
This was on one of my labs, our TA had a good sense of humor
id: 8825
My freshman bio lecture schedule
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