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09/14/04 - James visits Clark, scrapbook, and Mario drama.

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id: 8937
James in Tilton Hall
id: 8938
The infamous "Dot ID". He's obviously not looking a the camera, and what the hell is that dot?
id: 8939
James takes a shot at riding the wheel
id: 8940
We saw a Six Flags bus!
id: 8941
A toll plaza on the turnpike
id: 8942
James grabs the ticket
id: 8943
This was back before we knew how to get back and forth from Worcester
id: 8944
Driving along
id: 8945
The magically gender changing map!
id: 8946
James found the Mass Pike Chairman's office
id: 8947
For some reason I posed next to it
id: 8948
Becky got her license before I did
id: 8949
"Take a picture of me driving"
id: 8950
Becky at the wheel of the Bronco
id: 8951
An old newspaper clipping about my dad's high school rifle team
id: 8952
Another newspaper clippig about what looks like the Nova rocket, which was never built
id: 8953
The newspaper mentioned when my dad blew his hand up with his home made "rocket"
id: 8954
My dad's family thanked the cops who drove my dad to the hospital after the accident
id: 8955
"It looks as if Bob will lead the team in a couple of years." True story
id: 8956
My dad as a ten year old, wielding a rifle in the kitchen
id: 8957
Strawberry takes yet another nap
id: 8958
Mike's rendition of Happy Noodle Boy
id: 8959
The guy in the newspaper made me laugh. "Don't throw me out!"
id: 8960
Laura and Kevin
id: 8961
I tried to take a picture of my Rubik's Cube on a white background
id: 8962
Playing Mario Brothers
id: 8963
Kerry's at the helm today
id: 8964
AJ's turn
id: 8965
"Thinking of you, at World 4-2"
id: 8966
Exploiting the vine trick
id: 8967
Warp zone!
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