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10/11/04 - Bio Lab, new kitty (Isabelle), and trip to Six Flags New England with a surprise encounter.

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id: 9149
The track listing for the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack
id: 9150
Part two of the FFVIII soundtrack
id: 9151
Whiteboard of the week! Rush 2 rules!
id: 9152
In the bio lab
id: 9153
Creepy models
id: 9154
Liquid in a beaker
id: 9155
Ah yes, the slime tube. An important part of copulation everywhere
id: 9156
That appears to be a laptop on fire! *gasp*
id: 9157
Some.. cells. I don't know.
id: 9158
A squirrel!
id: 9159
id: 9160
In a tunnel in boston
id: 9161
Isabelle's first picture!
id: 9162
She's so tiny!
id: 9163
Get away from her cow
id: 9164
My mom plays with her new kitty
id: 9165
Isabelle likes playing with stuff
id: 9166
I try to grab her with no success
id: 9167
Isabelle climbs into one of the clogs
id: 9168
What's outside?
id: 9169
Isabelle reaches for Strawberry
id: 9170
Friendly fighting
id: 9171
Fight to the death! Not really
id: 9172
What am I doing up so freaking early!?
id: 9173
James strikes a strange pose
id: 9174
id: 9175
Yeah, that's my number one concern
id: 9176
James with that bear
id: 9177
James rides that creepy airplane
id: 9178
We want to play games!
id: 9179
James hugs some weird.. tiki.. thing
id: 9180
He's got his money ready! He just wants to play games!
id: 9181
id: 9182
We stayed in Brookstone for like 50 minutes playing with the awesome chairs
id: 9183
Want some food Wendy?
id: 9184
Getting closer..
id: 9185
James dons his "coaster professional" vest
id: 9186
Q-bot! It helps us skip the lines
id: 9187
Batman the Dark Knight
id: 9188
BDK in action
id: 9189
Batman the Dark Knight rolls by
id: 9190
BDK in the loop
id: 9191
Mind Eraser (left eye)
id: 9192
Mind Eraser (right eye)
id: 9193
id: 9194
One of them used to be Hellivator
id: 9195
Not anymore
id: 9196
James stands on the Footsie-Wootsie
id: 9197
It makes your feet go numb!
id: 9198
Superman: Ride of Steel
id: 9199
James looks at SROS at SFNE
id: 9200
Supports for a turn
id: 9201
Here comes the train!
id: 9202
A train approaches the top of the lift hill
id: 9203
Getting closer...
id: 9204
Over the top!
id: 9205
Some western show
id: 9206
The General Manager notices James' vest and starts talking to him
id: 9207
The show continues
id: 9208
James didn't quite know how to handle this
id: 9209
Ron, the GM of SFNE, was a really cool dude who talked at length with James about how to improve the park
id: 9210
Maps in Ron's office!
id: 9211
An old map of Riverside
id: 9212
The SFNE mangement kitchen
id: 9213
Some other office
id: 9214
The door to Ron's office
id: 9215
Ron seemed to get a kick out of James' enthusiasm
id: 9216
James takes some pictures around Ron's office. Secret documents about the next year's rides were right next to the desk!
id: 9217
Ewww, Flashback
id: 9218
Flashback up close
id: 9219
id: 9220
The Skycoaster harness
id: 9221
Let's do the Time Warp.. never
id: 9222
id: 9223
Some people on Skycoaster
id: 9224
Skycoaster people again
id: 9225
Ron's card
id: 9226
James near some pumpkins
id: 9227
Gone fishin'
id: 9228
The train in Flashback's loop
id: 9229
Our reflection in some glass
id: 9230
id: 9231
id: 9232
So many pumpkins!
id: 9233
So many!
id: 9234
Tons of Jack-O-Lanterns
id: 9235
Lots and lots of Jack-O-Lanterns
id: 9236
id: 9237
id: 9238
Weird village
id: 9239
id: 9240
id: 9241
Ominous picture of Scream? Not really
id: 9242
Ooo, ammo
id: 9243
Oh no! The MP is dead!
id: 9244
The pumpkins at night
id: 9245
Merry go roudn
id: 9246
Scream in the background
id: 9247
id: 9248
We left at 8:27
id: 9249
We didn't get back until 11! (We had dinner in between)
id: 9250
Muffie shaved her head!
id: 9251
Oh Muffie, you so crazy!
id: 9252
Muffie's got a monkey!
id: 9253
Kotoko's not looking so good
id: 9254
I made an origami thing
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