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10/18/04 - Air, physics, linux, library, baseball.

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id: 9269
I'm pretty sure the bottle explicitly says not to do this
id: 9270
I guess I got caught off guard
id: 9271
You're especially not supposed to do this
id: 9272
id: 9273
id: 9274
id: 9275
id: 9276
id: 9277
Hanging a can from a pulley
id: 9278
Friction block!
id: 9279
id: 9280
More data
id: 9281
Rosie uses a Gamecube for a pillow
id: 9282
Ben hanging out
id: 9283
Everyone sitting around
id: 9284
The message no nerd likes to see
id: 9285
Installing Gentoo
id: 9286
Hanging out in the hallway
id: 9287
Brett and Kevin's signs
id: 9288
id: 9289
Mike in the library
id: 9290
The back of Mike's laptop
id: 9291
id: 9292
My CD player
id: 9293
Werid art on the table
id: 9294
The American flag on my backpack
id: 9295
id: 9296
Empty candy wrapper
id: 9297
id: 9298
id: 9299
Mike's laptop
id: 9300
I crushed Mike between the moving bookshelves
id: 9301
Laura is having fun
id: 9302
id: 9303
I think Mike drew this
id: 9304
The Red Sox playing in the world series
id: 9305
A lot of people crammed into one room
id: 9306
People were even in the hallway
id: 9307
Sitting on the bed
id: 9308
Sitting around..
id: 9309
id: 9310
Nice folding chair
id: 9311
Such posture
id: 9312
Not a whole lot going on
id: 9313
id: 9314
A flash shot this time
id: 9315
Laura's got peanuts!
id: 9316
Joe is psyched
id: 9317
So is Ben
id: 9318
id: 9319
Whiffle ball bat!
id: 9320
Good times
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