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11/02/04 - Mir, post-Halloween costumes, and voting.

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id: 9604
Ryan and Tony act out a scene from Star Wars
id: 9605
Jonas Hall
id: 9606
Mike and Brett walking along
id: 9607
Mountain Dew looks cool in my NASA glass
id: 9608
The desks are built into the wall in the library
id: 9609
Mike studying
id: 9610
I drew this while I should be studying
id: 9611
The "camera grenade" shot. I set the timer and the flash and slid the camera under Mike's desk. He looked down and got blasted with a faceful of photons!
id: 9612
Where we were working
id: 9613
Some lights
id: 9614
Liz's creepy halloween costume
id: 9615
Nice Hunter S. Thompson!
id: 9616
id: 9617
See? I voted
id: 9618
A melted peep!
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