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11/07/04 - James at Clark, post-election horrors, tree of love and Metal Gear Solid.

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id: 9668
James drives up to the Clark campus
id: 9669
The X-ball
id: 9670
Aw, poor James, the X-ball popped
id: 9671
James' SFNE 2005 season pass
id: 9672
James' PKI 2004 season pass
id: 9673
James' SFNE 2003 season pass
id: 9674
A weird picture of James
id: 9675
He's retaliating with his own camera!
id: 9676
All of our images came out terrible
id: 9677
James and Brett in my room
id: 9678
James poses with Freud
id: 9679
Mike's stripe beard begins
id: 9680
Smashley Rants?
id: 9681
Sean in my room... for some reason
id: 9682
Laura in my room... for some reason
id: 9683
What am I doing?
id: 9684
James took all of these pictures with my camera
id: 9685
What terrible pictures
id: 9686
Laura playing MGS
id: 9687
Our final score in a "play it through" session of MGS
id: 9688
A CD I mailed to Topaz
id: 9689
A joke about the 2004 presidential election
id: 9690
Mike's happy ball!
id: 9691
Just look how happy it is
id: 9692
The tree of love
id: 9693
Clark James poses with the tree of love
id: 9694
Smashley signs over her soul to Mike
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