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11/16/04 - Tree of love II, camera fun, Boohbahs, Magic, and The Cave.

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id: 9763
Tree of Love 2! Or is it 3?
id: 9764
The tree of love!!
id: 9765
Who doesn't love the Tree of Love?
id: 9766
Brett hates waking up
id: 9767
Snow in stones
id: 9768
id: 9769
What the hell happened here!?
id: 9770
A little light reading..
id: 9771
Mike thinks he's cool because his camera is better
id: 9772
He's taking my picture!
id: 9773
id: 9774
Mike is being weird
id: 9775
Leave me alone
id: 9776
Mike chooses sepia
id: 9777
I apparently took two pictures on two cameras at the same time
id: 9778
This is confusing.. It looks like I took a picture of Mike's screen while it displayed a picture of my camera
id: 9779
Poor Regumike
id: 9780
Bryce finally defeats the Lost Levels!
id: 9781
id: 9782
Bryce's feat of video game expertise drew a crowd
id: 9783
The Osaka insert in the Azumanga DVDs
id: 9784
A squirrel!
id: 9785
id: 9786
I believe this is the first time we played Magic at Clark.. I used an Unglued deck and totally made up rules. Bryce kicked my ass
id: 9787
This picture represents Mike in freshman year
id: 9788
This is the ridiculous area I would sometimes study in
id: 9789
It was in the bottom of a stairwell
id: 9790
id: 9791
They're everywhere!
id: 9792
We found incredibly poor quality DVDs of Salute your Shorts online
id: 9793
Oh Ug..
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