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11/26/04 - Home for Thanksgiving.

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id: 9847
Becky looks crazy
id: 9848
id: 9849
My cancer bracelet
id: 9850
Strawberry go away
id: 9851
id: 9852
James gets his nerf blowdart ready
id: 9853
And away it goes!!
id: 9854
Oh noes!!
id: 9855
Isabelle is fun to grab
id: 9856
Livestrong bracelet
id: 9857
Becky and Greg
id: 9858
Gragra and Aunt Teresa don't look awkward at all
id: 9859
Greg and Uncle Chris
id: 9860
id: 9861
Mashed potatoes!
id: 9862
Aunt Teresa serves more food
id: 9863
id: 9864
Mom and me
id: 9865
Pose, guys!
id: 9866
id: 9867
Becky turns the camera on herself
id: 9868
Sitting around
id: 9869
Gragra talks to Aunt Teresa
id: 9870
Becky got the camera again
id: 9871
Candle flame
id: 9872
Everyone around the table
id: 9873
And again, without flash
id: 9874
Uncle Michael
id: 9875
Steph's forehead
id: 9876
It's me and Hyatt!
id: 9877
id: 9878
Steph's purpley hair
id: 9879
I check something on my phone
id: 9880
Steph with Hyatt
id: 9881
Hiii Steph
id: 9882
James wields a Bob-It
id: 9883
James stands on some playground equipment
id: 9884
The moon!
id: 9885
There goes the moon
id: 9886
Isabelle's chargin' her lasers
id: 9887
Lasers reaching full power!!
id: 9888
Suddenly she doesn't look quite as threatening
id: 9889
Just a little kitty
id: 9890
Let's get closer..
id: 9891
Nice kitty
id: 9892
Strawberry says hello to Isabelle
id: 9893
And now he's bored
id: 9894
Hello Isabelle
id: 9895
Hi guys
id: 9896
I know that guy
id: 9897
Flash! Ahhhh
id: 9898
Cats on the chair again
id: 9899
id: 9900
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