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12/02/04 - Fire alarm, crazy hair, fridge, oscilloscope fun.

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id: 9912
Fire trucks arrive outside Wright Hall
id: 9913
Another night, another fire alarm..
id: 9914
Students gather around
id: 9915
People moving around make for blurry pictures
id: 9916
Cars driving by
id: 9917
Another fire truck pulls up
id: 9918
Here it comes
id: 9919
The only people I can recognize here are Brandon and Brett
id: 9920
A picture of myself in the bathroom mirror
id: 9921
When I woke Mike up at 8 in the morning he mumbled "Just let me do the toast". Apparently he as at some sort of dinner..
id: 9922
My room's really gone downhill
id: 9923
"You may include a sketch of your TA on the back of this sheet"
id: 9924
This was my picture
id: 9925
Believe it or not, Tony actually volunteered for this, and we actually shot him in the face
id: 9926
Mike playing Half Life 2 on Aoi
id: 9927
Brett in one of his favorite t-shirts
id: 9928
This was my fridge
id: 9929
A sine wave!
id: 9930
The dot moves up and down on the screen
id: 9931
A very tight sine wave
id: 9932
The oscilloscope
id: 9933
The Strobotac!?
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