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12/30/04 - Haircut, Christmas, fireworks, iPod

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id: 10055
Strawberry and Isabelle
id: 10056
Aren't they cute?
id: 10057
id: 10058
This is gross. Who thought of this
id: 10059
I took a picture of the TV at the movie theater and 3 different staffers came after me
id: 10060
Who's been hanging shopping cards from poles?
id: 10061
Before haircut - front
id: 10062
Before haircur - back
id: 10063
Just tell the world why don't you!
id: 10064
After haircut - front
id: 10065
After haircut - back
id: 10066
Yup. That's my website.
id: 10067
id: 10068
Stupid russian penguin
id: 10069
id: 10070
Nick and Skye
id: 10071
The new doors at MHS. No more breaking in for the people who are late
id: 10072
Oh yeah, that crack looks safe
id: 10073
Christmas lights!
id: 10074
Shiny shiny lights
id: 10075
id: 10076
Becky gives me a look
id: 10077
Opened presents
id: 10078
Isabelle likes paper
id: 10079
The iPod box
id: 10080
Opening the iPod box
id: 10081
Ooo, stuff
id: 10082
I can't believe they put this right on the screen
id: 10083
Becky's iPod mini
id: 10084
id: 10085
Strawberry's in his box... doing nothing
id: 10086
Becky eats cheeseballs.. gross
id: 10087
Becky poses with creepy robot Santa
id: 10088
Stupid Santa
id: 10089
Dad's stockings... nice one
id: 10090
id: 10091
id: 10092
Who gave James all these fireworks!?
id: 10093
Muffie's new tattoo
id: 10094
id: 10095
My new iPod
id: 10096
Remember when the back was still shiny?
id: 10097
Ooo, so white and sleek
id: 10098
iPod compared to the footprint of a Zen jukebox
id: 10099
id: 10100
Winter panorama. Stupid Santa
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