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01/17/05 - Winter break pics. Pretty slow month..

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id: 10101
Jmaes hides from the camera
id: 10102
id: 10103
id: 10104
Spinner explosion!
id: 10105
An awesome rocket!
id: 10106
James holds some fireworks
id: 10107
Rob and Muffie
id: 10108
Strawberry is sleepy
id: 10109
Strawberry is still sleepy regardless of the increased light
id: 10110
Strawberry is even sleepy while blurry
id: 10111
James with "Saratoga" the most disappointing firework device of all time
id: 10112
My dad's got a suit on! Where's he going?
id: 10113
Isabelle in a box
id: 10114
Angry at the box?
id: 10115
Isabelle looks like she's going to jump!
id: 10116
Demon kitty!
id: 10117
id: 10118
This Toys R Us was closing.. forever!
id: 10119
Look at all the Shrek 2!!!
id: 10120
I bought a Tamagatchi that I found under a shelf
id: 10121
A nice sunset
id: 10122
Muffie got Togepi
id: 10123
Muffie with Togepi
id: 10124
My Tamagachi is a stupid little baby
id: 10125
The ocean!
id: 10126
James is in the ocean!
id: 10127
id: 10128
James, Muffie, and Rob
id: 10129
Hey wave
id: 10130
James plays drums on the ocean
id: 10131
id: 10132
Fun with my gyroscope
id: 10133
Rob up close
id: 10134
Snow on the beach!
id: 10135
James in the snow
id: 10136
Rob and Muffie
id: 10137
Axe + ligher = flamethrower
id: 10138
James drumming
id: 10139
Raving with a gyroscope!
id: 10140
It's foggy out!
id: 10141
Foggy at school too
id: 10142
id: 10143
James in the fog
id: 10144
Foggy trees
id: 10145
The Squish is even worse in the fog
id: 10146
id: 10147
id: 10148
id: 10149
Creepy night fog
id: 10150
Hanging out near the train station
id: 10151
id: 10152
id: 10153
id: 10154
id: 10155
id: 10156
Nice sunset
id: 10157
Zakim bridge
id: 10158
A record at the time! 11,242 RPM!
id: 10159
John Glenn... is the king
id: 10160
James near the empty half of the Toys R Us
id: 10161
Train station
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