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01/20/05 - Cold, Hippo-oh no, and radio pics

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id: 10162
This sign is just weird
id: 10163
Mike bundles up for the cold
id: 10164
An awesome picture I took with Mike in Store 24
id: 10165
This is how cold it got, the condensation would freeze on the window
id: 10166
My dead Tamagotchi
id: 10167
"Hipp-Oh No!"
id: 10168
This crazy elephant has roller skates!
id: 10169
Mike and Bryce sing the Team Rocket song
id: 10170
Ryan shows off
id: 10171
John Glenn with my headset
id: 10172
I guess this was going to be a logo for Yatpay Radio
id: 10173
Tony poses for a picture for Yatpay Radio
id: 10174
Mike poses for pics for his radio show
id: 10175
Mike poses again
id: 10176
Go Mike go
id: 10177
Tony and Brett play Budokai 3
id: 10178
Brett says "what?"
id: 10179
Bryce playing some sort of game
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