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02/17/05 - USB is back so smaller batches.. don't panic, squirrels, and rovers together at last.

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id: 10360
Mike explains life to passersby in the hall
id: 10361
"America Sweet Variety Set" including the American favorite: space food
id: 10362
I put this on our door
id: 10363
Freaking campaign signs
id: 10364
A squirrel!
id: 10365
Hey squirrel
id: 10366
Just you wait until I get my zoom lens
id: 10367
I sent Topaz some CDs
id: 10368
The athletic center
id: 10369
My new Mars Rover patches
id: 10370
This kid is having the time of his life
id: 10371
The all night study room at the library
id: 10372
The room where physics 101 was held
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