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02/23/05 - Sad snowman, rubber bands, patches and physics.

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id: 10373
The saddest snowman you will ever see
id: 10374
They really have this place covered in case of fire
id: 10375
Rubber bands are fun
id: 10376
My hand turned a funny color later
id: 10377
Kerry adds some lovely MS Paint art to his door
id: 10378
Brett catches his basketball
id: 10379
id: 10380
This is why I don't bother wearing a jacket to class, this is how far I have to go outside
id: 10381
Weird instruments for physics
id: 10382
My sweet new SpaceShipOne patch
id: 10383
Physics equipment
id: 10384
I forget what this proved
id: 10385
I put James on the desktop background
id: 10386
No one noticed
id: 10387
The physics lab!
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