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02/27/05 - Card, James' birthday, surprise, origami ball, and fun with two monitors.

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id: 10399
Hi Kerry
id: 10400
Check out my sweet new debit card
id: 10401're joking, right?
id: 10402
DS gives you seizures??
id: 10403
id: 10404
Like from Starcraft!
id: 10405
Cocoa and Taffy
id: 10406
A cool sunset
id: 10407
What a freak show
id: 10408
Hi Mom
id: 10409
Flategon units
id: 10410
Flategon cap
id: 10411
Flategon big cap
id: 10412
Flategon ball minus cap
id: 10413
id: 10414
I work on one side while watching videos on the other
id: 10415
My computer is Osaka-riffic
id: 10416
MIR floats around
id: 10417
Maybe I feel like spending a day on Mars
id: 10418
Next to the Columbia Hills
id: 10419
Or maybe I'll build a rocket
id: 10420
And then launch it
id: 10421
And then get my face burned off!!
id: 10422
Freeeeee, freee falllllin'
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