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03/13/05 - Spring break. Not much happened. Mostly Becky, Isabelle, and origami.

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id: 10423
Over Spring Break I left a webcam doing a time lapse out the window. I covered it mostly with cardboard so the sun wouldn't overheat it.. the video wasn't that good
id: 10424
Becky at my Dad's house
id: 10425
Becky's taken control of the camera
id: 10426
My dad ties his shoes
id: 10427
Becky takes weird pictures of herself
id: 10428
Becky.. give my camera back
id: 10429
This is why I don't give her my camera
id: 10430
Becky's eye
id: 10431
Has Becky become bored with my camera?
id: 10432
Gah, she took a picture of me
id: 10433
Still more pictures of Becky
id: 10434
After this I got the camera back from her
id: 10435
James' new hair. It was supposed to be red.
id: 10436
James does a headstand sort of thing
id: 10437
id: 10438
Isabelle is sick of the camera
id: 10439
I took this 51 hours after my wisdom teeth were taken out to demonstrate the swelling
id: 10440
Isabelle mania!!
id: 10441
Isabelle has really good reflexes..
id: 10442 she usually blinks at flash pictures
id: 10443
A rare "eyes open" picture of Isabelle
id: 10444
It's so hard to take a good flash picture of her
id: 10445
Come on! Open your eyes!
id: 10446
Finally, I resorted to a non-flash picture
id: 10447
One petal sub-unit
id: 10448
Four petal sub-units
id: 10449
One petal unit
id: 10450
Six petal units
id: 10451
A completed petal ball!
id: 10452
The same ball from a different angle
id: 10453
id: 10454
Becky's hair is weird
id: 10455
Becky on the computer
id: 10456
A small petal ball
id: 10457
A larger "icosahedron" shape
id: 10458
Getting bigger!
id: 10459
It starts to get unstable if you make it too big
id: 10460
Smoke rings!
id: 10461
Incense can be fun
id: 10462
Whooo smoke rings
id: 10463
I made this katamari-ish ball to put in front of my Prince guy
id: 10464
Another petal ball
id: 10465
A smaller petal ball
id: 10466
A level two buckyball made from PHiZZ units
id: 10467
A tetrahedron based petal ball
id: 10468
This is what I did over spring break..
id: 10469
Mike has a neato incense box
id: 10470
Look at that smoke go.. in black and white.. for some reason
id: 10471
The cover of the Apollo 11 DVD set
id: 10472
Non-flash version
id: 10473
The side
id: 10474
The back
id: 10475
Non-flash back
id: 10476
The inside case
id: 10477
The back of the inside case
id: 10478
The quote on the inside case
id: 10479
The three DVD cases inside the inside case
id: 10480
It's a very nice DVD set
id: 10481
Disc one
id: 10482
Inside disc one
id: 10483
Disc two
id: 10484
Disc two, non-flash
id: 10485
This one has the moon walk on it
id: 10486
Disc three
id: 10487
Disc three, non-flash
id: 10488
Inside disc three
id: 10489
My computer setup for the later part of freshman year
id: 10490
A panorama of the room
id: 10491
This one came together pretty well.. Matt's only "poster" was his "written up" letter and an ad for Afroman
id: 10492
My side of the room, freshman year
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