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03/18/05 - Impromptu LAN party, Mike's art world, physics lab, bruise, and origami.

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id: 10493
Starcraft in the dark.
id: 10494
Brett on my bed
id: 10495
The art studio.
id: 10496
A still life painting subject.
id: 10497
Some weird art project
id: 10498
One of Mike's paintings
id: 10499
A painting that Mike had to redo. It's called "Temporarily relieves aches and pains" and he uses crushed aspirin as paint in some parts.
id: 10500
Brett did not paint this.
id: 10501
Mike did.
id: 10502
It measues volts, amps, resistance, it slices, it dices, and cuts julian fries!
id: 10503
Resistors in parallel.
id: 10504
A large resistor in size, but small in resistance (around 1.5 ohms)
id: 10505
Experimenting with a solar cell.
id: 10506
Solar cell with a giant resistor
id: 10507
Crank up the light!
id: 10508
Physics equipment
id: 10509
Alligator clip on the resistor
id: 10510
Bruise from trying to unjam a Coke machine.
id: 10511
Bag O' Origami
id: 10512
Unassembled level 3 phizz ball.
id: 10513
First five units.
id: 10514
The "top"
id: 10515 id: 10516
It's coming together
id: 10517
It's starting to be ball-like
id: 10518
The "cap"
id: 10519
Halfway done
id: 10520
Closing in
id: 10521
Only five pieces left
id: 10522
A completed PHiZZ buckyball
id: 10523
Brett in the art studio
id: 10524
Weird art projects
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