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03/27/05 - Rearranged room, airsoft, old computer, and making LAN cables out of other LAN cables.

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id: 10525
I turned my desk again
id: 10526
Now I've kind of got a cubicle thing going on
id: 10527
id: 10528
The next few shots were for making a transparent desktop
id: 10529 id: 10530
id: 10531 id: 10532 id: 10533
John's airsoft rifle
id: 10534
Mike says "safety first"
id: 10535
Our peephole is scratched up
id: 10536
id: 10537 id: 10538
The stupid uesless slot in our old Compaq Presario
id: 10539
id: 10540
Making one long cable out of two
id: 10541 id: 10542
id: 10543 id: 10544 id: 10545
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