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04/01/05 - April Fools Day madness!!

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id: 10546
Choclate egg with a chocolate tumor
id: 10547
Gross chocotumor
id: 10548
Brett's hat arrives at last
id: 10549
It doesn't fit very well though
id: 10550
Mike seen in a new light
id: 10551
The Sim me
id: 10552
id: 10553
A prank against AJ
id: 10554
I don't know who this guy is
id: 10555
This is what you get...
id: 10556
For breaking someone's vaccuum...
id: 10557
And not cleaning up the mess
id: 10558
Adding more layers
id: 10559
id: 10560
Don't forget the bottom!
id: 10561
id: 10562
Group pic!
id: 10563
id: 10564
We should really all be sleeping
id: 10565
That's one duct taped door
id: 10566
After AJ emerged
id: 10567
Brandon poses next to the door
id: 10568
The note for AJ
id: 10569
That's what you get!
id: 10570
Another prank in the making
id: 10571
"The opposite of recycling"
id: 10572
id: 10573
When he opens the door..
id: 10574
He'll get an avalanche of paper.
id: 10575
Poor Freud
id: 10576
I tied all the doors together...
id: 10577
Kerry put Scott's chair in the bathroom
id: 10578
Looks comfy
id: 10579
"No, I didn't try it out"
id: 10580
After Brandon dumped all the newspaper on my floor, Bryce rolled around for a while
id: 10581
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