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04/05/05 - People, Pokemon DVD, steam, John's new rifle, and a dead Tony

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id: 10582
Check out Brandon's awesome shirt
id: 10583
Mel tries on Bryce's Luffy hat
id: 10584
Hanging out in the hallway
id: 10585
id: 10586
Tired Tony
id: 10587
Elves must go to the elven bathroom..
id: 10588
"The Scientists" vs. "The Pigments"
id: 10589
Note the meat tacked to the wall
id: 10590
It's craaaaazy
id: 10591
Some kind of project..
id: 10592
Pokemon DVD!
id: 10593
Broken case :(
id: 10594
Steam started coming out of the lawn..
id: 10595 front of Wright Hall..
id: 10596
..and it smelled bad
id: 10597
Well, not that bad
id: 10598
Patiotic car
id: 10599
Some guys moved these to the bathroom stalls
id: 10600
My cool desktop
id: 10601
This guy scares the hell out of me
id: 10602
Progress on that project
id: 10603
People on the green again
id: 10604
Back down by the river
id: 10605
Brett holding John's new rifle
id: 10606
Brett takes aim
id: 10607
Here's what it'd look like if you were Brett
id: 10608
A closeup of the rifle
id: 10609
Mike takes a shot
id: 10610
Mike loads his pistol clip
id: 10611
Shooting into the river
id: 10612
Clip's ready
id: 10613
Don't worry, it's open
id: 10614
Shooting stuff..
id: 10615
My turn
id: 10616
I swear I forgot I had sunglasses on
id: 10617
Take that, Red Bull can
id: 10618
John takes aim
id: 10619
id: 10620
Bryce's hard drive died for no reason
id: 10621
Hanging out in Mike and Bryce's room
id: 10622
id: 10623
Coming back from the caf
id: 10624
Crazy zoom shot on Mike
id: 10625
Tragedy strikes..
id: 10626
And then Tony died
id: 10627
A stitch left over from my wisdom teeth.. gross!
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