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04/10/05 - Inside a CRT monitor, weird art, discrete math, and drawing

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id: 10628
I took apart a broken monitor
id: 10629
I was hoping to find a loose connection...
id: 10630
...that would make it turn on again
id: 10631
No such luck
id: 10632
But it does look cool
id: 10633
Look at all that crazy crap
id: 10634
Electon gun-arific
id: 10635
This looks broken, maybe that's why it won't work.
id: 10636
Is the tape normal?
id: 10637
This sure looked cool
id: 10638
I was trying to read that thing...
id: 10639
Mike tempts fate
id: 10640
Cool shadow
id: 10641
The Astronauts vs. Mike's Brain
id: 10642
Hippie Mel!
id: 10643
id: 10644
Are you surprised this is my icon?
id: 10645
id: 10646
They snuck an entire cake into the movies, pan and all
id: 10647
Random art project
id: 10648
And again in the daytime
id: 10649
More random art
id: 10650
Is it just me...
id: 10651
...or is this...
id: 10652
...really creepy?
id: 10653
They hate philosophy
id: 10654
The disjunctive normal forms of a two bit multiplier
id: 10655
A little simplified
id: 10656
id: 10657
id: 10658 id: 10659 id: 10660
These clowns tried to take credit
id: 10661 id: 10662 id: 10663
id: 10664 id: 10665 id: 10666
id: 10667
I have no idea what inspired this
id: 10668 id: 10669
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