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04/14/05 - Shoe book, fun with liquid nitrogen, and "Out of Context"

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id: 10670
Mike used my old shoes..
id: 10671
..for an art project.
id: 10672
The cover was really cool
id: 10673
As is the back.
id: 10674
The contents? You guessed it..
id: 10675
id: 10676
These were taken from the Mercury..
id: 10677
And Gemini familiarization guides
id: 10678
This is how you close it
id: 10679
I missed the good clouds..
id: 10680
Behold! The Physics Stapler!
id: 10681
A column of mist in the liquid nitrogen bottle
id: 10682
My pencil's cooler than yours
id: 10683
Now it's even colder
id: 10684
Frozen origami
id: 10685
I love this stuff
id: 10686
I told you origami is cool
id: 10687
If you put a cap on it it explodes! :D
id: 10688
I guess that's the official end of winter..
id: 10689
These are from a drawing game..
id: 10690
I'll explain when I put up the page specifically for them.
id: 10691
Read it left to right, then go down, and read it right to left.
id: 10692
I never put a page up for these
id: 10693
But basically you read the sentence, then draw a picture based on it
id: 10694
Then the next person writes a sentence based on the picture, without seeing the previous sentence
id: 10695
And the next person draws a picture based on the new sentence
id: 10696
And so on
id: 10697
You get some pretty crazy responses
id: 10698
And it's a great game if you have a bunch of people and some paper
id: 10699
Add a time limit for extra fun
id: 10700
Good times
id: 10701
The back of Jonas Clark from the library
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