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04/15/05 - Fun at the Moonlight

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id: 10702
AJ got in a shaving cream fight
id: 10703
That's too bad
id: 10704
Mel ran back to Wright to get a play for Peapod Squad
id: 10705
The Peapod Squad show
id: 10706
Mike likee chicken
id: 10707
Waiting at the Moonlight
id: 10708
"What're you doing?"
id: 10709
"Are you taking a picture?"
id: 10710
Still working on that chicken
id: 10711
A little left..
id: 10712
"Brett's here!"
id: 10713
Me and Mike swapped memory cards.. I forget why. So this picture, and most of this group, were taken with his camera on my memory card
id: 10714
Mel is a brat
id: 10715
For some reason Bryce kept touching people's faces while taking their picture
id: 10716
"Go away"
id: 10717
Haha, he looks so upset
id: 10718
id: 10719
Then he wouldn't leave me alone
id: 10720
"Come to the dark side Tony"
id: 10721
Walking back from the Moonlight
id: 10722
Mel's floating head
id: 10723
id: 10724
Mel doing an impression of Laura's face from the last picture
id: 10725
Bryce as the District Towel Man
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