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04/19/05 - Spree Day at Clark

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id: 10782
Spree Day 2005!
id: 10783
Waking up Brett
id: 10784
Mike got in bed with him to wake him up.. all it did was creep us all out, lol
id: 10785
The crew heads down to the green for Spree Day
id: 10786
Present ID... or DIE
id: 10787
We're in!
id: 10788
Everyone on the green
id: 10789
The Defender Dome! It wasn't really much of a dome..
id: 10790
id: 10791
There was cotton candy...
id: 10792
...and rock walls...
id: 10793
...and lots of cops
id: 10794
id: 10795
Mike waits the first fight
id: 10796
Can you guess why Laura got a sunburn?
id: 10797
Brett wants to fight
id: 10798
Getting ready to rumble
id: 10799
Those Q-tip things hurt way more than you'd think
id: 10800
Mike's ready for action
id: 10801
id: 10802
Defender Dome!
id: 10803
Laura suits up
id: 10804
Ready to go!
id: 10805
Brett's gonna kill 'em all
id: 10806
"I am the champion!"
id: 10807
Here's a threatening duo
id: 10808
id: 10809
Waiting for food
id: 10810
Cool trees
id: 10811
Belly flashing!
id: 10812
Belly flashing!
id: 10813
Belly flashing!
id: 10814
Haha, these signs were so lame
id: 10815
Time for ice cream
id: 10816
Brett explains it all
id: 10817
Mike looks at his ice cream
id: 10818
I knew it was going to be a spider web
id: 10819
Nice hair Eli
id: 10820
Spree Day Panorama
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