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05/01/05 - Anime Boston 2005!

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id: 10864
My message to Wright Hall for the weekend
id: 10865
Officially start Anime Boston weekend... now
id: 10866
Niki and Bryce on the commuter rail
id: 10867
Tony's up early
id: 10868
So is Mel
id: 10869
James isn't here
id: 10870
That is one sad Luffy
id: 10871
Checking pictures
id: 10872
Looking up at the hotel
id: 10873
Another angle
id: 10874
James' light up belt. It said "" and "badger"
id: 10875
A lame picture of the roof
id: 10876
id: 10877
Another lame roof picture
id: 10878
It's MIT!
id: 10879
The skybridge to the Prudential Center
id: 10880
The top of the Prudential
id: 10881
We really wanted to try this out..
id: 10882
Tony as Itachi
id: 10883
Bryce as Luffy
id: 10884
A botched picture that I thought looked cool
id: 10885
Niki as Inner Sakura (she wrote "Inner Sakura" on her forehead eventually)
id: 10886
Mel blinked! She's Miyazawa Yukino from Karekano
id: 10887
And now it's not in focus!
id: 10888
I think this the only picture with me in it
id: 10889
James is so excited
id: 10890
On the way to the convention center
id: 10891
id: 10892
The Prudential Tower
id: 10893
id: 10894
I told you it was the Prudential Tower
id: 10895
id: 10896
That's James hiding on the other escalator
id: 10897
Rakka! Yaaay Haibane cosplayers!
id: 10898
Haru from FLCL and a guy I don't recognize
id: 10899
Some Naruto characters
id: 10900
This game looked kind of cool
id: 10901
id: 10902
Nice Spike
id: 10903
They're Team Rocket and they fight for what's wrong
id: 10904
id: 10905
Reki! Yay for more haibane cosplayers!
id: 10906
A lame picture of the dealer's room
id: 10907
Poor Sakaki -san
id: 10908
A very cool Ed
id: 10909
I don't know who this guy is but he was already posing
id: 10910
The cat returns!
id: 10911
Ash and a pissed off Pikachu
id: 10912
James' lightup belt in action
id: 10913
Princess Mononoke
id: 10914
Aeris! Turns out she was also one of my linemates in the Masquerade last year
id: 10915
I don't know who this is either but it was a cool costume
id: 10916
Sumomo and Kotoko
id: 10917
An awesome Katamari prince
id: 10918
id: 10919
Nice footwear
id: 10920
Another cool Ed
id: 10921
A bunch of webcomic people
id: 10922
A lighter picture
id: 10923
Hawk and Tim Buckley from Applegeeks and Ctrl+Alt+Del got bored
id: 10924
The pyramid fell down
id: 10925 id: 10926
id: 10927
The Green Power Ranger!
id: 10928
id: 10929
An amzing Chise from Saikano
id: 10930
Hellsing + Chii
id: 10931
Kanti -sama!
id: 10932
Card Captor Sakura (?)
id: 10933
Yeah. We're cool.
id: 10934
Killing time
id: 10935
Number four and five
id: 10936
The cop outside the main events room
id: 10937
id: 10938
Oh no, "Oh Wow" showed up
id: 10939
A Naruto
id: 10940
That big blob thing!
id: 10941
Oh Wow was in the class that me and Phil taught at MIT
id: 10942
The AMV contest line
id: 10943
Still over an hour to go
id: 10944
id: 10945
The line blob
id: 10946
Bryce was the only AMV editor inside for a while
id: 10947
My ratings and picks
id: 10948
Mel tried making ravioli with a hair dryer
id: 10949
The Iron Editor panel
id: 10950
The Iron Editor panel... sideways!
id: 10951
Mel on the panel
id: 10952
Pixie stick water
id: 10953
id: 10954
McKeen lead the panel again
id: 10955
Recognize anyone?
id: 10956
McKeen got more drunk as the panel went on..
id: 10957
DOKool with no hat
id: 10958
He drank 750 ml of sake during the panel!
id: 10959
Looking for something to do
id: 10960
The bell incident
id: 10961
Leading drunken McKeen back to his room
id: 10962
"I had two IDs!"
id: 10963
This is where we left him. He made it back to his room alright
id: 10964
This roommate relationship just got a little weirder
id: 10965
"It's not what it looks like!"
id: 10966
Luffy assualted Tony
id: 10967
Some pictures from 27 stories up
id: 10968
id: 10969
The John Hancock tower
id: 10970
Giant fans
id: 10971
Long way down
id: 10972
The Prudential Tower and that other tower
id: 10973
The Prudential center
id: 10974
The John Hancock from the 38th floor
id: 10975
The Outlaw Star Girls
id: 10976
I wanted to translate this later... I see "American"
id: 10977
The world's cutest Kiki
id: 10978
Me and James thought this plug was cool
id: 10979
id: 10980
The Kill Bill girls
id: 10981
The first angel from Eva
id: 10982
Hanging out in the mall
id: 10983
The giant Naruto group picture
id: 10984
It's like "Where's Waldo?" but "Where's McKeen?"
id: 10985
Mike and Tony got in there but the pics are on Mike's camera
id: 10986
The Puchiko guy is back!
id: 10987
id: 10988
This year's Masquerade linemate
id: 10989
Edward Scissorhands
id: 10990
98 -tan
id: 10991
Pizza + line = best idea ever
id: 10992
Rabi En Rose
id: 10993
A classic Sailor Moon
id: 10994
Captain Jack Sparrow
id: 10995
Great costume
id: 10996
id: 10997
"Belt Girl" haha, I don't know the character's name
id: 10998
She was posing so I took a picture, cool costume
id: 10999
Hanging out in the line
id: 11000
Great costumes! The one on the right won something
id: 11001
That cactus dude
id: 11002 id: 11003
Look what McKeen can do
id: 11004
It's like he defeated gravity
id: 11005 id: 11006
"Hi, can I get your picture?"
"If we don't have to get up"
id: 11007
id: 11008
id: 11009
Line line line
id: 11010
id: 11011 id: 11012 id: 11013
id: 11014
Yaoi was way too popular this year
id: 11015
"Step 1: put it together"
id: 11016
Phil controls the line
id: 11017
More line
id: 11018 id: 11019
It's cyborg dressed as #18 again!
id: 11020 id: 11021
Last line picture
id: 11022
Phil directing traffic
id: 11023
I should've turned this but I'm too lazy too now
id: 11024
Weird facial expressions going on here
id: 11025
id: 11026
The crowd
id: 11027
The stage
id: 11028
AMVs before the Masquerade
id: 11029 id: 11030
Fun with glowsticks
id: 11031
id: 11032
The cosplay band "Bad Luck" ..they needed some practice
id: 11033
The Chobits bunnies!
id: 11034
Some persocons
id: 11035
Itachi gets a hug from the blob girl
id: 11036
Mel finally dyes her hair back to brown
id: 11037
Tony got some pepperoni
id: 11038
id: 11039
We didn't have a knife...
id: 11040 we used a can of fruit cocktail
id: 11041
11.15 ounces! What a ripoff!
id: 11042
Mel back with her natural hair color
id: 11043
The Beef Jerky Queen!
id: 11044
Most disturbing picture of the entire convention
id: 11045
On the way back
id: 11046
My badge
id: 11047
My new headband
id: 11048
Officially over
id: 11049
Bryce died on the way back
id: 11050
This totally wasn't illegal
id: 11051
The game room wasn't as good as last year
id: 11052
the John Hancock tower and nearby buildings
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