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05/21/05 - Back to Melrose, indirect publicity, weird corrosion, fireworks, and cats

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id: 11241
The D fell off
id: 11242
James' home away from home: Pizza Hut
id: 11243
Steph's back for the summer
id: 11244
The stupid little clock on my cell phone
id: 11245
Before haircut..
id: 11246
After haircut...
id: 11247
Haha, sorry Topaz, saw this and thought of you
id: 11248
Mount Hood Tower
id: 11249
Too bad it was locked
id: 11250
Strawberry is lazy
id: 11251
My website in an ad for a house my dad's selling
id: 11252
Say no to drugs!
id: 11253
My website's getting some indirect publicity!
id: 11254
Mysterious corrosion in a computer
id: 11255
Fireworks + snow shovel = mortar!
id: 11256
Fireworks + bottle = lots of smoke
id: 11257
Firework blast
id: 11258
Cool streak of sparks
id: 11259
My house
id: 11260
We were testing new colors with photoshop
id: 11261
Strawberry and Isabelle
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