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05/29/05 - Making the crowbar from Half Life

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id: 11262
The original crowbar
id: 11263
Sanded a little
id: 11264
Sanded not as much
id: 11265
Sanded much more
id: 11266
Sander without the sanding dealy
id: 11267
The sanding dealy
id: 11268
id: 11269
id: 11270
Lots of sparks!
id: 11271
More sparks!
id: 11272
Oh yeah, I know what I'm doing
id: 11273
Look at me go
id: 11274
Take that.. paint
id: 11275
Almost done!
id: 11276
Close up of the sandedness
id: 11277
All ready for painting
id: 11278
With this paint
id: 11279
id: 11280
Ready for action
id: 11281
Straight from Black Mesa
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