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06/05/05 - Random stuff in Boston, new MIT building, keyboard painting

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id: 11282
New paint job on the house
id: 11283
I liked the black and gray better
id: 11284
I found this at BU
id: 11285
Hardcore tennis!
id: 11286
Uhh.. the Prudential building?
id: 11287
id: 11288
I found Strawberry in my window
id: 11289
A lame little comic I made
id: 11290
Mel on video Skype
id: 11291
James talking on Skype
id: 11292
The Zakim Bridge
id: 11293
Or whatever it's called
id: 11294
Extreme traffic. Damn Red Sox
id: 11295
Letter to Zoe
id: 11296
Beany's awesome drawing of Hikari
id: 11297
I thought this contrail was neat
id: 11298
Some really nerdy math jokes
id: 11299
What the hell??
id: 11300
MIT from across the river
id: 11301
id: 11302
Big stupid bridge
id: 11303
Stuff over there
id: 11304
id: 11305
A big crane moving something
id: 11306
MIT... closer!
id: 11307
"Is that coming toward me?"
id: 11308
"It is!"
id: 11309
That really tall building at MIT
id: 11310
That weird new building at MIT
id: 11311
Who designed this thing!?
id: 11312 id: 11313 id: 11314
Nice ampitheater
id: 11315
Ooo, shiny
id: 11316 id: 11317
id: 11318 id: 11319
Who's that dweeb?
id: 11320
id: 11321 id: 11322
id: 11323
id: 11324 id: 11325 id: 11326
id: 11327 id: 11328 id: 11329
id: 11330
Another helicopter!
id: 11331
The sketchy stairway
id: 11332
id: 11333 id: 11334 id: 11335
id: 11336
Keyboard: before
id: 11337
Now the keys are black
id: 11338
Changed my mind, now all the "light" keys are gone
id: 11339
Added scotch tape so the paint wouldn't gum up the keys
id: 11340
Now the light keys are blue
id: 11341
Repainted black keyboard
id: 11342
id: 11343
id: 11344
id: 11345
Finished! It looks stupid with the flash on though
id: 11346
This is more what it looks like
id: 11347
I covered the cord in electrical tape
id: 11348
A panorama from roughly the center of the bridge. Cambridge on the left, Boston on the right
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