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06/20/05 - Funny book, cat fun, escalator, laundromat, debt repaid

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id: 11349
An awesome Hardy Boys cover
id: 11350
Another shot of my freshly painted keyboard
id: 11351
Strawberry's so lazy
id: 11352 id: 11353 id: 11354
id: 11355
That Citgo sign
id: 11356
Inside an escalator
id: 11357
Free steps!
id: 11358
Squishing Strawberry
id: 11359
id: 11360
12 days later.. I found my camera and took this picture
id: 11361
A dryer at the laundromat that I work at
id: 11362
The logo
id: 11363
LCD dealy
id: 11364
The small washers
id: 11365
My chair
id: 11366
Spinning things!
id: 11367
You can't see this highway because it's behind a wall. I jumped to take this picture
id: 11368 id: 11369
Ecce! Flavia est puella... I mean... coffee!
id: 11370
A poster fell off the wall so you can see what color the train walls used to be
id: 11371
I finally paid off James. I've owed him varying amounts of money for like, 5 years.
id: 11372
KFC for James, Muffie, and Rob.
id: 11373
The view from my chair
id: 11374
The view with different lighting
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