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06/30/05 - Transit, cats, hanging out with people, iterative pictures, laundromat, Icrocenter, and Mel

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id: 11375
Waiting for the bus
id: 11376
Waiting for the bus.. with sunglasses!
id: 11377
Compare.. and contrast!
id: 11378
At the back of the bus
id: 11379
id: 11380
On the stuuupid Green Line
id: 11381
Reading on the stuuupid Green Line
id: 11382
Mellon, where my mom works
id: 11383
If you go by this really fast it looks like an animation
id: 11384
Nice lighting on the train..
id: 11385
My camera decided to skip from #19900 to #20000 early
id: 11386
Waiting for the bus
id: 11387
I don't actually wait for the bus on this side of the street
id: 11388
My bike is all rusty :(
id: 11389
Strawberry keeps eating the flowers
id: 11390
Stupid cat
id: 11391
A nice picture of Strawberry
id: 11392
Do the Dew!
id: 11393
Mom's had a long day
id: 11394
Mom + cat
id: 11395
id: 11396
id: 11397
Rob! ..kind of!
id: 11398
This machine prints pictures
id: 11399
A picture of me taking a picture of the machine that prints pictures
id: 11400
A picture of me taking a picture of the machine that prints pictures being held up in front of the machine that prints pictures.
id: 11401
I think this is Rob
id: 11402
A game was going on
id: 11403
James peeking his head out
id: 11404
The game again
id: 11405
That picture again
id: 11406
id: 11407
Treacle at the laundromat!
id: 11408
Zoe's letter in America
id: 11409
Some gross towels
id: 11410
A cool car
id: 11411
From a cool angle
id: 11412
id: 11413
I love assorted DVDs!
id: 11414
This sure sounds insane
id: 11415
A great sunset
id: 11416
That Citgo sign
id: 11417
The Boston skyline
id: 11418
Sun again
id: 11419
Strawberry's hot :(
id: 11420
My new hard drive: Alexandria
id: 11421
A dead bug I found in my computer
id: 11422
The graphics card
id: 11423
Trying to read the label on my hard drive
id: 11424
Mel came by due to catastrophic DVD problems
id: 11425
New highlighting
id: 11426
Oh God!
id: 11427
Becky's crazy hair
id: 11428
Becky's clearer crazy hair
id: 11429
James' roadrash
id: 11430
You can't see the rain..
id: 11431
It's really blurred but it says "Boston Red Sox"
id: 11432
Can you see the angry man in the picture?
id: 11433
My Linear Algebra professor
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