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07/03/05 - A few random pictures.. and then The Aquabats again! Also, some fireworks with dad

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id: 11434
I forget why this box is the way it is...
id: 11435
Soda sale!
id: 11436
Little flowers
id: 11437
My dad's water stash
id: 11438
id: 11439
Think you're cool!?
id: 11440
Backlit Matt
id: 11441
Flash photo Matt
id: 11442
The turnstiles at the T
id: 11443
Dan and Chris
id: 11444
Rose and Beany
id: 11445
Beany's dad
id: 11446
Beany's dad's cool shirt
id: 11447
Dan on the train
id: 11448
Rose and Chris
id: 11449
Beany and her dad
id: 11450
My ticket
id: 11451
The crowd
id: 11452
The Aquabats!
id: 11453
I was off on the side so..
id: 11454
..the pictures didn't..
id: 11455
..come out so great..
id: 11456
..but I eventually moved closer
id: 11457
And a little closer..
id: 11458
And even closer!
id: 11459
The Circle of Love
id: 11460
The Bat Commander in action
id: 11461
I'm now in the middle of the moshing crowd..
id: 11462 the pictures are way better
id: 11463
id: 11464
id: 11465
All hail Bat Commander!
id: 11466
Blurry action shot
id: 11467
Stop gesturing so wildly!
id: 11468
id: 11469
Haha, I love the security guy's face in the bottom
id: 11470
Getting up on the speaker
id: 11471
Raising hands for something..
id: 11472
And people are doing it!
id: 11473
So much action!
id: 11474
What's Orange doing in the background?
id: 11475
Ghostly blue
id: 11476
id: 11477
Security guy looks crazier than ever
id: 11478
Bat Commander reaches for the sky!
id: 11479
What's over there?
id: 11480
Clap your hands!
id: 11481
Give me your braaaain
id: 11482
id: 11483
The end of a great show
id: 11484
I'm not sure why...
id: 11485
Group picture with Crash and the Bat Commander
id: 11486
The Aquabus?
id: 11487
Jimmy the Robot!
id: 11488
All the Aquabats' autographs... aquagraphs?
id: 11489
id: 11490
Rose and Beany, and Sam from MHS!
id: 11491
Becky with a sparkler
id: 11492
Becky and dad bond while setting things on fire
id: 11493
id: 11494
id: 11495
And smoke!
id: 11496
Becky totally wasn't on fire.. and that's not dad putting her out..
id: 11497
The wheel of flaming death!!
id: 11498
Look at it go
id: 11499
Spinning pinwheel!
id: 11500
The eye of Sauron?
id: 11501
A sideways panorama of the sky
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