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07/05/05 - Stupid parade and some fireworks fun

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id: 11502
The penguin in my room
id: 11503
Strawberry hanging out
id: 11504
Dad driving us to the stupid parade
id: 11505
Becky takes the camera at the stupid parade
id: 11506
Stupid parade people
id: 11507
More stupid parade people
id: 11508
Me at the stupid parade
id: 11509
The stupid parade
id: 11510
More stupid parade
id: 11511
My dad kept sneaking this giant marine combat knife into my sister's bag for protection when she was in Boston
id: 11512
James with a flashlight
id: 11513
James + Fireworks = Fun
id: 11514
James exploded
id: 11515
Raving with fire
id: 11516
Look at him go
id: 11517
He had way too many
id: 11518
Near the end
id: 11519
id: 11520
Rob gets in on the action
id: 11521
The remnants of 40+ sparklers at once
id: 11522
The crater
id: 11523
The cool afterglow of some sparklers
id: 11524
James' new camera
id: 11525
Very nice
id: 11526
My camera in James' camera..
id: 11527
Having a flash photo fight
id: 11528
James standing in the smoke
id: 11529
A cool sequence..
id: 11530
..of shots of..
id: 11531
..James shooting off..
id: 11532
..some roman candles..
id: 11533
Bouncing them off the ground..
id: 11534
Just barely got this one..
id: 11535
id: 11536
And one more in the air
id: 11537
Jumping for joy?
id: 11538
This shot could've ended in disaster
id: 11539
More jumping
id: 11540
These were fun until they started flying sideways
id: 11541
Aaaand a random truck with a funny name
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