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07/16/05 - Bryce in Boston, Operation PA POV, and Harry Potter Party!

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id: 11542
"The Stack"
id: 11543
Bryce and Katie came to Boston to say hi
id: 11544
We took the T to Harvard Square
id: 11545
The good ol' orange line
id: 11546
That Red Sox sign between Wellington and Sullivan Square
id: 11547
Proof that Bryce was in Boston
id: 11548
Wow, this sounds like a blast..
id: 11549
Cause we are the aquateens...
id: 11550
Yaay Japanese candy
id: 11551
Haha, classic lawyer joke
id: 11552
id: 11553
Shiny shiny trashcan
id: 11554
A sink caught in the wild
id: 11555
This kid is unsinkable
id: 11556
Becky's having so much fun
id: 11557
More shiny things
id: 11558
Muffie = cat thing?
id: 11559
Graceful Rob
id: 11560
James took a shortcut off the stairs
id: 11561
James jumping off the swing
id: 11562
Look at him go
id: 11563
Hanging out at Conant park
id: 11564
This is a dangerous shot
id: 11565
Rob took this and gave me an idea..
id: 11566
id: 11567
Taking Rob's idea further
id: 11568
Cool shot!
id: 11569
id: 11570
"I'm totally going to fall and hit you"
id: 11571
What's going on here?!
id: 11572
My Naruto headband unwrapped
id: 11573
The back of my dad's house
id: 11574
Setting up the sketchy outside webcam for Operation PA POV
id: 11575
Looks secure...
id: 11576
The inside one is laughing at the outside one
id: 11577
The two views on Muffie's laptop
id: 11578
Oh yeah, the cops will love this
id: 11579
No, YOU'RE here!
id: 11580
id: 11581
Waiting for James and Muffie to get out of Quassy
id: 11582
"Outy" was taken down, but "Inny" remains
id: 11583
Oh good
id: 11584
This looks like a good idea
id: 11585
"Tastes like vanilla smoke"
id: 11586
Where'd he get those pants?
id: 11587
Tacos AND fireworks!?!?
id: 11588
Inny on the road
id: 11589
Haha, Mt. Cobb
id: 11590
James and Hippo driving
id: 11591
PA has lots of nothing
id: 11592
..and traffic
id: 11593
Lots of traffic
id: 11594
Origami placemat!
id: 11595
Looks... tasty
id: 11596
Alllmost there
id: 11597
Muffie and Pencils!
id: 11598
Get out of there Pencils!
id: 11599
I forget how we named her Pencils
id: 11600
Setting up at our craptastic campsite
id: 11601
Dad's hardcore mountain tent, in it's lamest site yet
id: 11602
GTA outside? This is weird
id: 11603
Campfire + GTA
id: 11604
DDR outside!
id: 11605
We needed to get rid of the pizza box so...
id: 11606
id: 11607
Burn, baby, burn
id: 11608
A pillar of fire
id: 11609
Almost gone
id: 11610
Not much left
id: 11611
All gone!
id: 11612
James getting into the tent
id: 11613
Wow... Pennsylvania
id: 11614
id: 11615
Looking good
id: 11616
Super exciting
id: 11617
Whoa, one of those lanes that you hear about in driver's ed
id: 11618
This kid looks just like Gollum!
id: 11619
Oh goodie
id: 11620
id: 11621
Go wild about God!
id: 11622
The first Knoebels sign
id: 11623
Another sign
id: 11624
A much lamer sign
id: 11625
More signage
id: 11626
id: 11627
Nice.. slide..
id: 11628
High Speed coaster... or something
id: 11629
id: 11630
A picture of a picture!
id: 11631
This guy is super creepy
id: 11632
A giant lemon!
id: 11633
A.. pool!
id: 11634
The Knoebels map!
id: 11635
We're totally at Knoebels
id: 11636
id: 11637
Flyer fun!
id: 11638
id: 11639
Haha, why is that mascot guy scaring that kid!?
id: 11640
There goes James and Muffie
id: 11641
Phoenix < Twister II
id: 11642
id: 11643
That's a lot of coal
id: 11644
Rob doesn't care
id: 11645 all
id: 11646
James with a giant corn
id: 11647
This looks exciting
id: 11648
So much fun
id: 11649
Wow look, he's like, 20 feet up
id: 11650
id: 11651
A big roundup!
id: 11652
Look at it go
id: 11653
id: 11654
id: 11655
id: 11656
Twister II
id: 11657
Waiting for pics
id: 11658
id: 11659
Taking pics
id: 11660
Twister II
id: 11661
This was just weird
id: 11662
Future logo?
id: 11663
id: 11664
What weird snacks
id: 11665
Satellite thing
id: 11666
James in a flying cage
id: 11667
Best little kid coaster in the world
id: 11668
It looks like loads of fun
id: 11669
There James goes
id: 11670
You doofus
id: 11671
The first drop
id: 11672
Haha, click on this one
id: 11673
Another lap
id: 11674
Valley fun
id: 11675
Rob on the whip
id: 11676
James on the whip
id: 11677
..Rob on the whip
id: 11678
Fun on the sky ride
id: 11679
That thing over there
id: 11680
id: 11681
id: 11682
A giant loaf of bread!
id: 11683
id: 11684
id: 11685
That thing!
id: 11686
Ferris Wheel!
id: 11687
More Ferris wheel!
id: 11688
A weird airplane
id: 11689
A swan
id: 11690
Look closely to see the slacking cable
id: 11691
"Snapping" the flyers
id: 11692
Slack = BANG!
id: 11693
More slack
id: 11694
James in action
id: 11695
id: 11696
Random parade
id: 11697
Does anyone else see the irony?
id: 11698
That's right, real bald eagles..
id: 11699 a cage
id: 11700
Hanging out in front of the mister
id: 11701
More mister
id: 11702
This would be handy for cosplay..
id: 11703
James with the creepy dude
id: 11704
Rob with the squirrel thing
id: 11705
James taking the same picture
id: 11706
Leaving Knoebels
id: 11707
Driving house!
id: 11708
And a shed!
id: 11709
Nice sunburn...
id: 11710
Poor bug..
id: 11711
Ouch! Poor Muffie!
id: 11712
Our lameass campsite
id: 11713
Getting stuff out of the car
id: 11714
Bug spray + fire = MORE FIRE
id: 11715
Me in the car
id: 11716
"They call me honey... mustard"
id: 11717
Sleeping on the way back
id: 11718
A baby doll on a roof
id: 11719
Back in Melrose at last
id: 11720
This was mainly taken for a timestamp
id: 11721
The first cosplayers I saw at Barnes and Nobles
id: 11722
The line at around 17:45
id: 11723
More people
id: 11724
A random girl showing off the Harry Potter glasses and bracelet we all got
id: 11725
Dumbledore and Voldemort
id: 11726
The line goes on
id: 11727
And on
id: 11728
She's definitely too young to get into Hogwarts
id: 11729
Not sure who she was but it was an impressive costume
id: 11730
1 day? Try 6 hours!
id: 11731
Oh yeah, #8. That's me.
id: 11732
Hundreds of people reserved
id: 11733
Nice hat, shame it's not for sale
id: 11734
People registering
id: 11735
Becky shows off her spiffy new glasses
id: 11736
Becky and Meghan wait
id: 11737
Some super creepy magazine covers
id: 11738
People drawing dragons
id: 11739
People lining up to enter the jelly bean contest
id: 11740
More costumes
id: 11741
McGonnagal and Hagrid!
id: 11742
Oh no it's Borgy!
id: 11743
Some costumed fans hang out
id: 11744
Starbucks was packed
id: 11745
Lots of people were waiting around
id: 11746
"I'm a boggart"
id: 11747
Some random game
id: 11748
I saw this in a book called "The First Trip to the Moon". They had Apollo 12 on the cover! Outrageous
id: 11749
Hahaha, how did Dobby get in there?
id: 11750
This came out in January '86 and I thought it was kind of funny
id: 11751
id: 11752
The parade dealy
id: 11753
Look at them go
id: 11754
Too bad I didn't get a picture of the funny dementor
id: 11755
I didn't manage to get an empty box, but I did get a picture!
id: 11756
What a terrible picture. That's beardless Dumbledore there
id: 11757
The first 50 to get their books
id: 11758
The dynamic duo again
id: 11759
This is the woman who sold me my book
id: 11760
People crowding around the exit
id: 11761
That's right. I had it back in my room at 00:12
id: 11762
Our shitty campsite
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