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07/24/05 - Random stuff, Space Cat, and my cousin Amy's wedding!

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id: 11763
My cables hanging out of the basement ceiling
id: 11764
Muffie's depiction of James
id: 11765
Becky's dress
id: 11766
Getting closer to the dress..
id: 11767
Too close!
id: 11768
My new notebook. You know you love the black duct tape
id: 11769
How sad is this? I have two space books with the same picture on their covers.
id: 11770
I got this when I worked at Johnnies...
id: 11771
Space Cat!?
id: 11772
This book looks hilarious
id: 11773
But I'm probably not going to read it
id: 11774
Space cats are good for space mice
id: 11775
What happened!? How could somebody be injured on the seemingly lush and fertile surface of the moon!?
id: 11776
Becky's ready for the wedding
id: 11777
Now that's a bigass lock
id: 11778
Yay, we made it
id: 11779
Looking at the program
id: 11780
The program
id: 11781
Carol & Richard Burke, Barbara Burke
id: 11782
Amy and Uncle Jimmy
id: 11783
Amy and Dan
id: 11784
There they are
id: 11785
Dad botched this shot
id: 11786
I thought this window was creepy
id: 11787
Meeting people outside
id: 11788
Uncle Jimmy
id: 11789
Uncle Jimmy is looking the wrong way
id: 11790
There we go
id: 11791
Dad and Aunt Nancy
id: 11792
Aunt Nancy
id: 11793
The Groom's father
id: 11794
id: 11795
People standing around
id: 11796
Amy and Dan
id: 11797
Amy with Elaine's baby
id: 11798
id: 11799
Yaaay babies
id: 11800
The baby looks bored
id: 11801
Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Nancy
id: 11802
Aunt Nancy
id: 11803
id: 11804
Ed & Beth Burke and Marie McGee
id: 11805
All in black
id: 11806
Don't we look excited?
id: 11807
id: 11808
id: 11809
id: 11810
What's over there?
id: 11811
Uncle Jimmy checks out the horses
id: 11812
I got bored
id: 11813
Brothers discuss the horsies
id: 11814
Group photo
id: 11815
Group photo again
id: 11816
Another group photo
id: 11817
Bride and Groom
id: 11818
Standing in the door
id: 11819
And a kiss
id: 11820
id: 11821
Elaine and Brian
id: 11822
Elaine's husband Henry Scully and thier son Jacob
id: 11823
Another shot of the couple
id: 11824
Yaay, posing
id: 11825
Get in the carriage
id: 11826
There you go
id: 11827
All ready to go
id: 11828
id: 11829
id: 11830
Just about to leave
id: 11831
Driveby picture shooting
id: 11832
Waiting for a picture of the carriage coming.. we eventually gave up
id: 11833
Yup, let the good times roll
id: 11834
Eww, Buddweiser
id: 11835
Yaay cheese
id: 11836
Weee, pyramid!
id: 11837
Gotta love the pyramid
id: 11838
Pyramid on glass!
id: 11839
Better pyramid!
id: 11840
Tilted and blurry pyramid!
id: 11841
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jimmy
id: 11842
Amy and Dan
id: 11843
Barbara Ellen and Julian
id: 11844
id: 11845
Who are those dweebs?
id: 11846
Becky, my dad, and me
id: 11847
Beth and Ed
id: 11848
Jimmy and Ed
id: 11849
Nancy and Barbara
id: 11850
Richard and Brian
id: 11851
Nancy's parents
id: 11852
So many people
id: 11853
A toast!
id: 11854
My creation!!
id: 11855
Jimmy talking to people
id: 11856
The menu
id: 11857
The bride
id: 11858
I'm not sure who this is
id: 11859
Or these people
id: 11860
Becky, my dad, and me again
id: 11861
Elaine and Jacob
id: 11862
Yay, filet mignon
id: 11863
id: 11864
Cake cutting
id: 11865
Show that cake who's boss
id: 11866
Father daughter dance
id: 11867
Dance dance dance
id: 11868
Dance the night away
id: 11869
Look at him go
id: 11870
Brian and Amy
id: 11871
The fathers of the couple
id: 11872
Brian, Becky, and Amy
id: 11873
id: 11874
Table 13
id: 11875
Hi there
id: 11876
What's up
id: 11877
Nice pose
id: 11878
You closed your eyes!
id: 11879
Becky and my dad
id: 11880
Blurry dancing
id: 11881
Flashy dancing
id: 11882
Look at Uncle Jimmy go
id: 11883
Dance! Dance! Dance!
id: 11884
Everybody dance!
id: 11885
Everybody disco dancing!
id: 11886
Go, Becky and dad
id: 11887
This guy was the computer admin at MHS! What a crazy coincidence
id: 11888
id: 11889
So many people
id: 11890
The signy dealy
id: 11891
A blurry picture of the signy dealy
id: 11892
id: 11893
The DJ
id: 11894
id: 11895
Holding the camera up
id: 11896
Dicky Do's missing!
id: 11897
Tired baby
id: 11898
id: 11899
id: 11900
My dad looks partied out
id: 11901
Random Pepsi One shot?
id: 11902
Panorama of the wedding. Too bad the dude in blue got cut in half
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