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07/25/05 - Nerf Gun madness at Skye's house

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id: 11903
Aunt Teresa driving me somewhere
id: 11904
Uhoh, busted
id: 11905
One of Skye's modified toy guns
id: 11906
A Nerf gun you don't want to mess with
id: 11907
Don't try to bring this through the airport
id: 11908
Another pistol
id: 11909
The "Jesus Cannon".. I guess because your reaction is supposed to be "Oh Jesus!!"
id: 11910
90 PSI!
id: 11911
Oh yeah, this looks really safe
id: 11912
The red valve is the trigger
id: 11913
This is where you hook up the bike pump
id: 11914
The view from the bottle
id: 11915
Adding flour is sure to be a good idea
id: 11916
Safety first
id: 11917
Skye is safe too
id: 11918
The aftermath of a flour shot
id: 11919
This one just blew up.. we better use less flour next time
id: 11920
Aw, don't look so down, Skye.. I'm sure the next one will work.
id: 11921
It blew up!
id: 11922
Ahhhh it blew up
id: 11923
That's a pretty sweet magnet
id: 11924
Gotta love neodymium magnets
id: 11925
Aaand Becky is driving
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