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08/20/05 - Trip to Spider Lake. No power, no running water, lots of fun.

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id: 12042
The view from the dock
id: 12043
Inside the cabin
id: 12044
The view from the dock at night
id: 12045
A river!
id: 12046
James making a weird face
id: 12047
Me making a weirder face
id: 12048
Why did they even make the bottom left dial?
id: 12049
Starting the trip!
id: 12050
Dad is driving
id: 12051
A rest stop!
id: 12052
I was reading some printouts on orbital dynamics
id: 12053
Dad at the rest stop
id: 12054
Some really creepy trash recepticles
id: 12055
The roads are getting worse and worse..
id: 12056
Action shot
id: 12057
No cell phone network!
id: 12058
A river!
id: 12059
Same river
id: 12060
Dusty roads
id: 12061
Becky's having fun
id: 12062
Entering the Allagash!
id: 12063
Some sort of lake?
id: 12064
Yeah probably
id: 12065
id: 12066
The road continues
id: 12067
The back of the truck was a little dirty
id: 12068
Official arrival time. Travel time was about 9 hours
id: 12069
Improving Dad's rear window
id: 12070
I wonder who wrote this..
id: 12071
Now here is a sign you don't see every day..
id: 12072
Dad readies the key
id: 12073
An animal track!
id: 12074
Inside the cabin!
id: 12075
It's dark inside right now
id: 12076
Nice little sitting area
id: 12077
Dad is psyched
id: 12078
Moose antlers?
id: 12079
A boat!
id: 12080
Another view of the cabin
id: 12081
I found this book
id: 12082
The stairs
id: 12083
Some hot sauce we found
id: 12084
id: 12085
Hey I know that guy
id: 12086
A deer!
id: 12087
Becky came prepared
id: 12088
So did I
id: 12089
This is crap I had to read.. The Things They Carried wasn't bad
id: 12090
id: 12091
My bed!
id: 12092
Dad's charcoal thinger
id: 12093
Sure is smokey
id: 12094
Nothing like a barbeque in a barbeque
id: 12095
The view from the porch
id: 12096
My pants smelled gross from bring crumpled up so I tried to smoke them
id: 12097
Hanging out!
id: 12098
A shakey thumbs up
id: 12099
Mmm, marshmallows
id: 12100
Becky strikes a pose
id: 12101
My setup was a little precarious
id: 12102
As was Dad's grip on reality..
id: 12103
This is apparently an old school toaster
id: 12104
And this is an old school heart attack
id: 12105
The view from the sitting area
id: 12106
Dad holds what appears to be a piece of an animal
id: 12107
Gotta move stuff out of the way!
id: 12108
We had to drive around this one
id: 12109
This textbook had no idea what was coming
id: 12110
Shooting gallery!
id: 12111
King Tut had it coming
id: 12112
I shot this quarter!
id: 12113
The quarter came flying back and nearly hit me.. so we stopped shooting quarters
id: 12114
I made a happy face!
id: 12115
The other side is pretty sharp
id: 12116
Dad sets up some more targets
id: 12117
Digging out the bullets
id: 12118
A few made it through
id: 12119
We showed the Industrial Revolution who's boss
id: 12120
Shooting lead made for some pretty interesting shapes
id: 12121
id: 12122
This headline just cracked me up
id: 12123
Dishes! Notice something missing?
id: 12124
Apparently "shift" keys haven't made it this far north.. caps lock sure has..
id: 12125
id: 12126
Becky gets some reading done
id: 12127
id: 12128
Oh jeeze
id: 12129
The view from the top of the stairs
id: 12130
Becky lying on the couch
id: 12131
Dad got his own room
id: 12132
id: 12133
We've got lots of fans..
id: 12134
id: 12135
The good stuff
id: 12136
These pancakes seem suspicious..
id: 12137
Dad throws a throwing knife
id: 12138
Becky wasn't interested
id: 12139
But we eventually got her to give it a shot
id: 12140
Dad with the cabin
id: 12141
This photo totally wasn't staged or anything
id: 12142
She was a real sport to sit there while we threw knives at her
id: 12143
Dad out by the board we were throwing a knife at
id: 12144
A chipmunk!
id: 12145
Look at him!
id: 12146
He even stayed while we opened the door!
id: 12147
Hanging out in the living room area
id: 12148
I show that safety sign who's boss.. and some soda cans
id: 12149
Dad and Becky took my camera for a walk
id: 12150
They found a weird plant
id: 12151
And some berries
id: 12152
And another plant
id: 12153
A bunny!
id: 12154
They also found another cabin
id: 12155
And apparently broke into it
id: 12156
The kitchen!
id: 12157
The beds!
id: 12158
A nice trail
id: 12159
A cool shot of a dock
id: 12160
The dock
id: 12161
The other cabin
id: 12162
Our outhouse was nicer
id: 12163
A cabin?
id: 12164
id: 12165
Dad took some weird pictures
id: 12166
id: 12167
id: 12168
id: 12169
id: 12170
Another dock
id: 12171
Another cabin
id: 12172
A patch of ash?
id: 12173
Or something?
id: 12174
Who knows
id: 12175
I have no idea
id: 12176
Becky on the road!
id: 12177
Someone took a piece of Dad's newspaper!
id: 12178
This one was my idea
id: 12179
In case you didn't guess
id: 12180
What could go wrong?
id: 12181
It was actually a lot slower than I expected
id: 12182
The remains
id: 12183
id: 12184
Match hell
id: 12185
I stacked them up afterwards
id: 12186
The moon over the lake
id: 12187
id: 12188
Becky and Dad set off for some twilight canoeing
id: 12189
Bye guys!
id: 12190
I left a light on the dock so they could find the way back
id: 12191
Cause it was dark out!
id: 12192
id: 12193
Another shot of the moon
id: 12194
Burning paper plates in the oven
id: 12195
id: 12196
Becky does some dishes
id: 12197
We only had one die, so I made another one out of origami
id: 12198
id: 12199
I think I was the hat
id: 12200
Mad monies
id: 12201
Somehow a bullet worked its way into this..
id: 12202
Becky loves Monopoly
id: 12203
Two and a half hours later..
id: 12204
Monopoly endgame
id: 12205
Hrm. I guess it really does take three hours
id: 12206
If you look really carefully you can see a squirrel in there
id: 12207
No comment
id: 12208
Dad got in the back to help pack the car
id: 12209
Washing the windshield
id: 12210
The back fills up!
id: 12211
Becky cleans the inside
id: 12212
Don't forget to wash your hands!
id: 12213
A broken logo.. or modern art?
id: 12214
Becky poses in front of the cabin
id: 12215
All three of us pose!
id: 12216
It was a fun weekend
id: 12217
A river on the way out
id: 12218
Another river.. or something
id: 12219
Someone totally shot this sign
id: 12220
Dad and Becky check out another river
id: 12221
id: 12222
White water!
id: 12223
It was a neat river
id: 12224
Look at all the white water
id: 12225
Dad loves nature
id: 12226
Becky's a fan too
id: 12227
Dad and Becky pose with what I believe is Mount Katahdin in the background
id: 12228
River and mountain
id: 12229
Me and Becky posed too
id: 12230
Yes, we are in fact related
id: 12231
id: 12232
Me and Dad. Now all permutations are complete
id: 12233
The mountain again
id: 12234
I'm pretty sure it's Mount Katahdin
id: 12235
The creepy entrance to the pig farm's halloween thing
id: 12236
A goat chilling
id: 12237
Becky pets the goat
id: 12238
What do you want?
id: 12239
This goat is in trouble
id: 12240
Another goat
id: 12241
id: 12242
id: 12243
Jimmy Downey and Dad talk about something
id: 12244
Becky feeds some goats
id: 12245
Goats love food
id: 12246
True story
id: 12247
A horse!
id: 12248
id: 12249
More horses.. or ponies.. or something
id: 12250
Don't jump!
id: 12251
Brandon saw this and said "Dumb goat.. like a sheep could go any faster"
id: 12252
Weird goat
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