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08/22/05 - Coinstar, Bertuccis, and radioactive marbles

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id: 12253
All the change.. before Coinstar
id: 12254
Stupid Coinstar
id: 12255
id: 12256
James is wary of machines ever since.. the incident
id: 12257
Look how much money I made!
id: 12258
As the Wacked One once said: sweet sassy molassy!
id: 12259
id: 12260
After! Hooray cash!
id: 12261
What the hell!? Duracell totally stole the Energizer bunny!!
id: 12262
Hey, it's that cat!
id: 12263
Now he's looking... that way!
id: 12264
Becky hates phones I guess
id: 12265
You can't hide from me
id: 12266
Stupid cat
id: 12267
Zatchbell!? This is why I hate anime fans
id: 12268
Hooray for eating out!
id: 12269
Mom is overwhelmed by the number of choices
id: 12270
That menu is scooping something out of Becky's face
id: 12271
Well if you insist
id: 12272
Why did I take this picture?
id: 12273
My latest waste of money!
id: 12274
Look at it go!
id: 12275
My radioactive marbles in their lead case
id: 12276
All the marbles with a quarter for scale
id: 12277
Here they are under a black light
id: 12278
A few in my hand. Don't worry.. they're not too radioactive
id: 12279
The marble case with a cool Beany drawing in the background
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