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08/27/05 - AMTech, death of Boccerball, family pics, and moving to Clark

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id: 12280
The creepy Bob's furniture truck
id: 12281
The middle school being demolished
id: 12282
The big pile of dirt outside the middle school
id: 12283
The accidental "lake" due to digging next to the middle school
id: 12284
Becky in her element
id: 12285
The front door to AMTech
id: 12286
The outside door to AMTech
id: 12287
id: 12288
AMTech.. from an angle
id: 12289
AMTech... the wall!
id: 12290
Yes folks, they both ship and receive
id: 12291
The vaguely fun ribbon door
id: 12292
Some random truck at the loading dock
id: 12293
Witchcraft on the left.. bibles on the right. Good call
id: 12294
Si Senior
id: 12295
This can only spell disaster
id: 12296
id: 12297
The beginning of Boccerball's demise
id: 12298
I always knew Boccerball was the Combine's game of choice
id: 12299
Becky is much less enthusiastic
id: 12300
Becky and Strawberry
id: 12301
Sorry Topaz :)
id: 12302
Becky at our grandmother's house
id: 12303
Becky and Aunt Teresa
id: 12304
Becky and our grandmother
id: 12305
This time with smiling!
id: 12306
That's how much I made at the laundromat
id: 12307
First picture at Clark. The new caf
id: 12308
Mike is very excited
id: 12309
Mike has WAY too many boxes
id: 12310
Stupid boxes
id: 12311
Bryce is on two phones at once
id: 12312
Mel's having too much fun in the bathroom
id: 12313
Mike takes on his Sim persona
id: 12314
My snazzy new Empire decal
id: 12315
I see...
id: 12316
Flash must've heard that England is thinking of having a manned space program
id: 12317
Mel making the Weasly Clock
id: 12318
id: 12319
Stupid duct tape
id: 12320
The super creepy mouths that Mike put on the wall
id: 12321
The original setup for Mel's desk
id: 12322
The super creepy masks of Mel's face..
id: 12323
..are on top of the window
id: 12324
Hooray suite!
id: 12325
Hooray projector!
id: 12326
Now for some scale..
id: 12327
Crush the words Mel!
id: 12328
Something very strange happened to Laura's face..
id: 12329
Laura waves at the words
id: 12330
Mike in his bathrobe and after-shower-hat
id: 12331
Uhoh, he's looking at you
id: 12332
id: 12333
id: 12334
Without the "we" it's just "lcome"
id: 12335
Mike tries to sneak up on the projection
id: 12336
id: 12337
For some reason
id: 12338
Suite is number one!
id: 12339
This is why Mel isn't allowed to have duct tape
id: 12340
id: 12341
Hooray for refridgerators
id: 12342
Part of a panorama...
id: 12343
Brett playing a little GTA
id: 12344
Ah, CRT monitors..
id: 12345
This was clearly supposed to be a panorama..
id: 12346
..but I was clearly to lazy..
id: 12347 stitch it together..
id: 12348
.. hey look it's Brett's clock
id: 12349
Our door
id: 12350
My desk from Brett's
id: 12351
Awesome shirt!
id: 12352
Weird Bryce picture
id: 12353
Flash is here too!
id: 12354
Headless Jason hits Danny for some reason
id: 12355
Dr. Know-it-all explains everything. No need for Clarissa
id: 12356
id: 12357
And then Danny ascended to another plane of existance
id: 12358
Woogly arms
id: 12359
Mel's an astronaut
id: 12360
So many people!
id: 12361
James saw a ghost and saved us all by eating it
id: 12362
Mel's friends that I don't know
id: 12363
James looks crazy, and Mel looks pissed
id: 12364
id: 12365
A panorama from the back of our room
id: 12366
A panorama from the front of our room
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