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09/16/05 - Still getting settled, Applebee's, random, and breakfast

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id: 12367
A cool shot of Brett playing chess
id: 12368
The Weasly Clock that Mel made!
id: 12369
"We're friends!"
id: 12370
id: 12371
Mel tries to hide behind a pillow
id: 12372
Commander visits Clark!
id: 12373
Commander makes a terrible face but it's a decent picture of Mel so I kept it
id: 12374
"Why do all the pictures of me suck!?"
id: 12375
"Who is it?"
id: 12376
id: 12377
Tony makes an appearance
id: 12378
"This is Sarah" he got it from a happy meal
id: 12379
Waiting outside Applebee's
id: 12380
The Applebee's sign
id: 12381
Bryce and Brett
id: 12382
Playing some stupid game
id: 12383
Cool shot of Bryce
id: 12384
Stupid crayon game
id: 12385
Yes, Bryce was there too
id: 12386
I don't know.. lights?
id: 12387
I distract Mike from the game
id: 12388
Look at them go
id: 12389
I have no idea
id: 12390
I thought this looked neat with the lights
id: 12391
The stupid game continues
id: 12392
"You see, the thing is..."
id: 12393
See Mom? I leave campus..
id: 12394
I guess it tastes bad
id: 12395
Laura's head is transparent
id: 12396
A straw pokes Bryce in the head
id: 12397
Brett waits for food
id: 12398
Mike hides in the corner
id: 12399
Poor Mel finds herself on the wrong side of a camera once again
id: 12400
Where's that food, anyway?
id: 12401
Soda is fun
id: 12402
Brett is empowered by the prospect of his cowboy burger
id: 12403
Mel hates this picture
id: 12404
Laura does that thing with her eye
id: 12405
Oh no! This isn't right!
id: 12406
I have no idea what they're looking at
id: 12407
This is what a bug on a table would see
id: 12408
Mel takes a bizarre picture of herself
id: 12409
Pepsi > Coke
id: 12410
Bryce is hypnotized
id: 12411
Camera control struggle!
id: 12412
For some reason..
id: 12413
id: 12414
This shirt rocks
id: 12415
Strike a pose!
id: 12416
Brett is sick of waiting for food
id: 12417
Laura tries to eat Brett
id: 12418
Another crazy face brought to you by Bryce
id: 12419
Tell me he doesn't look crazy..
id: 12420
Bryce finds himself in the best of both worlds
id: 12421
What kind of a keyboard is this!?
id: 12422
"Save fuel!" proclaims the Hummer
id: 12423
Mike's hair goes crazy. Look closely
id: 12424
Ha! Proof Brett cares!
id: 12425
"I don't care"
id: 12426
Mel makes a duck or something
id: 12427
id: 12428
Laura does not care
id: 12429
Gah! My eye
id: 12430
Mel washes clothes in the shower
id: 12431
What a terrible idea
id: 12432
Stupid.. stupid.. stupid
id: 12433
Why would anyone do this
id: 12434
Stupid mirror
id: 12435
Stupid clothes
id: 12436
This is such a Mel thing to do
id: 12437
Brett plays DDR
id: 12438
He's so blurry
id: 12439
That's... disturbing
id: 12440
Worst case scenario for Brett's bed!
id: 12441
Bryce isn't leaving
id: 12442
The tower of NERD
id: 12443
Our table at the caf
id: 12444
This is a great face, I demand you click this picture
id: 12445
Food = good
id: 12446
Bryce disagrees
id: 12447
Roommate fight?
id: 12448
Mike accidentally ate two of his fingers
id: 12449
Bryce tells it how it is
id: 12450
"Want some baaacon?"
id: 12451
id: 12452
"What do you want?"
id: 12453
I swear she's wearing pants
id: 12454
The time for nerd is now!
id: 12455
The four dimensional Rubik's cube I'm trying to solve
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