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09/29/05 - Hug of death, Plan 9, trip to Melrose, new worst picture (sorry Mel)

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id: 12460
Proof that I solved the Square One
id: 12461
Brett, for some reason, said something like "give me a hug" as a joke..
id: 12462
So I did and he ran away, and I caught him..
id: 12463
And held on for like 20 minutes
id: 12464
"You're not getting away!"
id: 12465
Brett tries to use the handle as leverage
id: 12466
id: 12467
Laura + 3D glasses = fun!
id: 12468
Plan 9
id: 12469
Brett is surprisingly cat-like sometimes
id: 12470
Mike becomes part of the movie
id: 12471
Mike sits in front of the Plan 9 title screen
id: 12472
id: 12473
Chinese + pizza + plan 9
id: 12474
This is what I have to wake up to every day
id: 12475
Read closely.. "z" is a variable that stands for everything that could possibly affect this
id: 12476
Driving to Boston
id: 12477
Brett finally meets Strawberry
id: 12478
Someone drew on Mel
id: 12479
"Oh no, pictures of me?"
id: 12480
"Oh God, why?"
id: 12481
The worst picture taken of anyone, ever. This even beats Bryce's "ugliest picture"
id: 12482
"I can't believe how bad that picture was"
id: 12483
Brett and Rosie tackle their calculus homework
id: 12484
Mike made Bryce coffee for his all-nighter
id: 12485
Someone snuck a picture of me
id: 12486
Brett and Mel
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