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10/20/05 - Crazy Mike, pics from the suite, home for a bit, pics near the computer, Blue Jeans.

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id: 12487
Crazy Mike in his robe.. with a gun
id: 12488
"What is this thing?"
id: 12489
"Stop or I'll shoot the ceiling!"
id: 12490
"Where'd he get that camera?" "Probably from one of the norms"
id: 12491
Topaz's dream fridge
id: 12492
Back when Mel's laptop wasn't being fixed by Compaq
id: 12493
"Why won't the power work??"
id: 12494
Ug, I hate folding laundry without getting paid
id: 12495
Mel in her chair
id: 12496
What's with that face?
id: 12497
Mel with her laptop
id: 12498
The cretin that lives on the other side of the room
id: 12499
Mike with his "focusyn"
id: 12500
Looking for a mouse that ran away
id: 12501
Note the economics graphs on the monitor
id: 12502
Bryce put up no resistance when I put this grate on him
id: 12503
Mel got stuck like this
id: 12504
Don't even ask
id: 12505
Uncle Stephen with Clark's Freud statue
id: 12506
Muffie and Rob at Rob's house
id: 12507
Ah ha! James is there too
id: 12508
This was at Taco Bell
id: 12509
A crazy picture of me holding a space shuttle
id: 12510
Time for super weak coffee
id: 12511
Bryce ties his shoes in a dramatic fashion
id: 12512
"You like that pose?"
id: 12513
Mel lived on my computer while her laptop was broken
id: 12514
Very nice, Mel
id: 12515
This one came out really cool
id: 12516
The guy who runs Blue Jeans Pizza. Brett took his picture for a project
id: 12517
Blue Jeans!
id: 12518
Wtf is up with this map
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