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12/04/05 - Sketchy house, Becky, Salvies, oil change, Escape from Happiness

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id: 12519
Everyone goofing off on my bed
id: 12520
A building my dad wanted some pictures of
id: 12521
From the front
id: 12522
The side..
id: 12523
id: 12524
id: 12525
id: 12526
Brett's crazy hair in the morning
id: 12527
Becky works on her posture
id: 12528
Becky's new camera phone
id: 12529
Becky took..
id: 12530
..a bunch of..
id: 12531 of herself
id: 12532
James' funny new shirt
id: 12533
Muffie outside of Salvation Army
id: 12534
I'm so glad James didn't buy this
id: 12535
Notice how they sort only by color...
id: 12536
So many colors
id: 12537
Looking for good clothes
id: 12538
"Does this look good?"
id: 12539
So many clothes
id: 12540
"I'm a ghost!"
id: 12541
Poor santa
id: 12542
What have they done to him?!
id: 12543
Ooo, quasi-rover
id: 12544
Becky's car is broken
id: 12545
Becky totally knows what she's doing
id: 12546
"You see..."
id: 12547
Dad explains how oil works
id: 12548
Opening the oil dealy
id: 12549
Pouring in the oil..
id: 12550
All set!
id: 12551
My grandmother
id: 12552
The set of "Escape from Happiness"
id: 12553
Mel's crazy and has got a gun
id: 12554
The gun is on the floor!
id: 12555
id: 12556
Mel's all hurt and stuff!
id: 12557
Blurry people!
id: 12558
What is going on?
id: 12559
Mel's up again
id: 12560
Why doesn't anyone grab the gun?
id: 12561
She looks mad
id: 12562
It's weird to have the audience on both sides
id: 12563
It's like I'm a part of the play
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