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12/05/05 - Escape from Happiness and snow!

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id: 12564
"Escape From Happiness"
id: 12565
The set
id: 12566
Program cover
id: 12567
Mel likes cheeseburgers
id: 12568
Junior is hurt!
id: 12569
"I pinched the baby..."
id: 12570
Junior gets off the floor
id: 12571
Police questioning
id: 12572
They don't like each other
id: 12573
Face off
id: 12574
id: 12575
id: 12576
id: 12577
id: 12578
Stevie attacks Mary Ann!
id: 12579
With a gun!
id: 12580
Stevie hates babies
id: 12581
Chocolate cake
id: 12582
Dian eats the cake
id: 12583
Dian still eats the cake
id: 12584
id: 12585
id: 12586
Trash picking
id: 12587
id: 12588
Mary Ann gropes Nora
id: 12589
Family fun
id: 12590
Junior is on the floor again
id: 12591
Tom is depressed
id: 12592
"Lift your fucking head!"
id: 12593
The new plan
id: 12594
Dumping Rolly
id: 12595
Rolly tied up
id: 12596
Rolly still tied up
id: 12597
Mace in the face
id: 12598
Nora's raspberries
id: 12599
Crying Junior
id: 12600
Dian is back
id: 12601
The plot thickens
id: 12602
Stevie comes for his dad
id: 12603
Stevie and Rolly at gunpoint
id: 12604
It's Mike's gun
id: 12605
Hands up
id: 12606
Dian on the floor
id: 12607
Stevie on the floor
id: 12608
"I don't give a fuck how I'm doin'!"
id: 12609
Elizabeth threatens Stevie
id: 12610
"You big mean spooky woman!"
id: 12611
The End
id: 12612
Uh...the window?
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