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12/19/05 - Metal Gear RAY, packing up, A-chan, Engrish, Mel's house

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id: 12622
My Metal Gear RAY model
id: 12623
You know it's cool
id: 12624
Mel's A-chan hat in the making
id: 12625
Metal Gear Box?? Coming in Metal Gear Solid 4
id: 12626
These are all my discs that I had to move home.
id: 12627
All the finals that were pushed under Prof. Sternberg's door
id: 12628
Mike doesn't need clothes for photography
id: 12629
Mel getting into her A-chan costume
id: 12630
Getting the costume ready
id: 12631
The complete costume
id: 12632
Do a pose!
id: 12633
id: 12634
Sad A-chan
id: 12635
A-chan with a Dragon Ball Z DVD
id: 12636
A-chan loves DBZ
id: 12637
Not sure what to think of this face
id: 12638
"What're you looking at?"
id: 12639
Practicing the A-chan pose
id: 12640
Mimicking the poster
id: 12641
Mimicking the other poster
id: 12642
Becky, still in Nutcracker makeup
id: 12643
Hi Becky
id: 12644
Going to Boston for her audition
id: 12645
Waiting in the mall
id: 12646
Yep, we're at the right place.
id: 12647
Haha, Engrish in the real world!
id: 12648
This is in Metal Gear Solid so I had to buy it.
id: 12649
The stairs at Porter Square
id: 12650
"Sorry for the convenience"
id: 12651
Uhh.. I can see them
id: 12652
Boston, outside South Station
id: 12653
Some crazy bull with the T map on it
id: 12654
id: 12655
Mo is so big!
id: 12656
Everybody loves Mo!
id: 12657
Hey, I know that site.
id: 12658
Checking for traffic
id: 12659
Gross! Colorable cookies
id: 12660
All the crap I had in my pockets
id: 12661
Mel in costume next to the real A-chan
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