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01/08/06 - Winter break, Christmas, birthdays.. fun fun!

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id: 12662
Bailey in a sleeping bag
id: 12663
Mo and Mel's mom
id: 12664
The completed high school DVDs
id: 12665
Ripping edges off DVD inserts
id: 12666
Junior and Senior high school DVDs
id: 12667
Mo! It's Mo!
id: 12668
Mel holding Mo
id: 12669
Dad with his lovely new rejection sticker
id: 12670
One of Becky's presents from Dad
id: 12671
Becky got the first season of the OC on DVD
id: 12672
Stuff I got from Dad for Christmas
id: 12673
Becky's new bathrobe
id: 12674
Total stuff for Christmas. Hooraaay stuff!
id: 12675
Becky and Greg at Christmas dinner
id: 12676
The new A-chan and B-kun
id: 12677
Take two
id: 12678
Congrats Mel!
id: 12679
A nice Kiba cosplayer at First Night
id: 12680
I've gots t3h monies!
id: 12681
This picture makes Mo look smaller
id: 12682
That guy seems pretty happy to be getting out of the trunk
id: 12683
Me, James, Becky, Steph, and Mel played Life. Guess which car is Mel's
id: 12684
James is a Superstar
id: 12685
A terrible picture of Steph, Becky, and Mel
id: 12686
Becky took this picture for some reason
id: 12687
Food for my birthday party!
id: 12688
Tis the season of box sets
id: 12689
Becky with some of her presents
id: 12690
Look at little Becky Bunny
id: 12691
*gasp* a good picture of my mom?
id: 12692
Becky again
id: 12693
Becky + Mom
id: 12694
Take two
id: 12695
My new cell phone
id: 12696
Open (note the background)
id: 12697
With the old phone
id: 12698
A F14A Tomcat made out of a dollar bill
id: 12699
Working on a level four ball
id: 12700
It takes a lot of pieces
id: 12701
The dollar bill origami book
id: 12702
Crisp new dollar bills!
id: 12703
Becky again
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