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01/12/06 - As they say in "We Love Katamari!" ... "ORIGAMI!"

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id: 12704
A completed Level 2 flatagon ball
id: 12705
It has 20 faces, each with 4 triangles
id: 12706
It took 120 pieces to construct
id: 12707
Here's a closeup of how the pieces fit together
id: 12708
All the pieces for a Level 4 flatagon ball
id: 12709
This one has 480 pieces. 240 yellow, 120 red and orange
id: 12710
It took f***ing forever to finish all the pieces
id: 12711
The "hat"
id: 12712
Almost done. This is when I discovered that I needed 60 more yellow pieces
id: 12713
id: 12714
I cut my finger on an unrelated project. That gross tint to the fingernail is from blood.
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